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Combiner Wars may be the best thing to ever hit Transformers

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Transformers toys have always held a special place in my heart. Some of it may be due to nostalgia (Yes, even that godawful Transformers: Armada series had some value), but the majority of said affection comes from the fact that these were kickass robot toys that could shape-shift in vehicle modes.

And that love is stronger than ever. Especially now that I have some disposable income and do’;t have to rely on my parents horribly disappointing me by giving me socks for Christmas. Not all Transformer toys are created equal however. Beyond the standard toys, there’s a massive world of differing classes of Transformers.

Deluxe, Leader and Voyager class Transformers are the backbone of the higher-end market of toys, with fans charging a pretty penny for some ridiculously fantastic custom builds. And then you’ve got the latest series of robots in disguise action figures. A range of toys that’ll bleed your bank account dry, but leave you smiling for days on end.

Combiner Wars

It’s called Combiner Wars, and it brings back the very best parts of the Transformers universe, into one range of figures. You think back to classic characters such as Optimus Prime Megatron, Cyclonus and Motormaster. And then you remember that time that said Autobots and Decepticons combined forms with other faction members to create bigger, badder walking advertisements.

They’re the kind of toys that only the richest of kids could own, and flaunt with the smuggest of facial expressions back in the 1980s and 1990s. It’s the kind of toy that you very much could only dream of having. Fast forward a decade or two, and the Transformers are getting ready to combine once again. And the results look fantastic.

Here’s how it works: Each Combiner Wars main figure is made up of five Transformers. One Voyager-class Transformer forms the torso, the other four deluxe-class figures create the various limbs. You can mix and match said limbs, but doing so will have you hunted down by rabid G1 fans and buried alive in Go-Bots.

But the results look fantastic. It’s part of my current obsession, as I managed to track down Defensor over the weekend, who should be arriving any second now. Defensor happens to be made up of Hot Spot as the prime torso, with Rook, First Aid, Blades and Streetwise serving as his limbs. Just look at this magnificent gestalt Protectron figure, when fully assembled:


You can also add Groove as an optional chest plate, but he can wait for now. Other figures in the line also include the maniacal Menasor (Motormaster, Drag Strip, Dead End, Wildrider and Breakdown):


The air superiority of Superion (Silverbolt, Air Raid,Fireflight, Skydive and Slingshot):


Sky Reign, who will rule the hell out of you (Sky Lynx, Hound, Smokescreen, Trailbreaker and Wheeljack):

Sky Reign


The freakin’ imposing Bruticus (Vortex, Swindle, Brawl, Onslaught and Blast Off):


The mighty Galvontronus (Skydive, Air Raid, Cyclonus, Breakdown and Viper), ready to wreck some Primes:


Optimus Prime gets in on that action as Ultra-Prime (Skydive,Alpha Bravo, Optimus Prime, Firefly and Dragstrip):

Ultra Prime

And the greatest of all combinations, the might Devastator. A six-figure Decepticon who happens to stand at a height of 45cm. That is absolutely ridiculous and I want it so bad right now:


Now granted, there are better figures out there. But they’ll cost you. But as far as this toy range goes, as a consumer-friendly alternative for kids first, collectors second? I adore it. It’s my new collection focus right now, as I won’t rest until I have all of these guys in hand and on my shelf. Several of them aren’t available yet, but they will be soon. And they will be mine, oh yes:

They will be mine. I’ll have a proper review of Defensor up later in the week, but in case anyone wants to get me something for Christmas, I have a wish-list set up at Toys R U, where I’ve seen stock of some of these figures. HINT HINT. WINK WINK.

Last Updated: December 1, 2015


  1. You got a few of the names and pictures wrong though. Dragstrip is not in superion and the slingshot (quickslinger) is difficult to find, he’s replaced with helicopter alpha bravo. Also ultra optimus combines with iron hide, mirage, sunstreaker, and prowl. Still they are awesome toys…


  2. Ge Yan

    July 26, 2016 at 12:14

    Besides Bruticus and the obvious Devastator, none of the other combiners really tickle my fancy.


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