The comic book industry pays tribute to Stan Lee

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Stan Lee

Giants may eventually fall, but legends? Legends live forever. That’s the kind of man that Stan Lee was, a larger than life figure who was seen as the always-smiling face of comic books at their very best. Decades after he had retired from his typewriter and the genre-defining work that he pioneered with titans such as Jack Kirby, John Romita Sr and Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, was still an ambassador for comic books.

Whether it was a cameo in a Marvel movie, providing narration for cartoons based on his work or even signing an autograph for awed fans, Lee was a beloved and cherished icon of the medium that he gave so much to. Lee’s greatest legacy however? The stories that he gave to people with his interactions, creating new tales to astonish whenever he crossed paths with comic book writers, artists and fans.

With his passing, Lee’s own story may be over, but the legend he created will live on forever as the comic book industry paid their respects to a man who was a mentor, an inspiration and most importantly, a friend.

Last Updated: November 13, 2018

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