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Hot Toys Daft Punk Spider-Man is packing webs and LEDs

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Just like the 2018 Spider-Man game from developer Insomniac, Miles Morales: Spider-Man is all about power, responsibility, and doing whatever it is that a Spider-Man can do. Also just like that game, the web-spin-off has a wardrobe that features plenty of alternative gear for Miles to suit up in! While Peter Parker’s winter collection featured numerous nods to the past, Miles had a more contemporary line of costumes that sported more original designs.

From his ill-fitting prototype suit to his final costume that he’ll wear as a much older web-slinger and everything else in-between, Miles was looking good! The coolest costume in his wardrobe though? Easily his Daft Punk-inspired 2020 suit that looks ready to fight crime and host a killer block party. It was only a matter of time until Hot Toys decided to take a crack at recreating it in sixth-scale form, but it looks like the toy manufacturer has gone the extra mile this time. Heh.

For starters, the toy looks the part and even includes the cool “S” on the jacket, but the LED features extend into the mask and the torso. According to Hot Toys, you’ll be able to create different facial expressions for Miles and boot up his Spider-Man emblem when he’s switched on. That’s pretty neat! Check it our below:

The highly accurate figure is crafted based on Miles Morales in 2020 Suit from the video game, includes a newly crafted masked head with LED light up function and multiple interchangeable eye pieces for different expressions; a newly developed body; 2020 Suit with LED light up chest panel to recreate the signature design; faux leather textured jacket with red Spider emblem; interchangeable hands for signature poses; assorted spider-web effect accessories; and a dynamic figure stand with cybernetic workshop inspired backdrop for complete display.

There’s no release date yet, but as always I’ll update once shops like Big Bad Toy Store and Sideshow Collectibles list the US price and other details.

Update: Pricy! $290 on Sideshow Collectibles, with a release date of April 2022.

Last Updated: February 21, 2021

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