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Hot Toys wields the shield with a Sam Wilson as Captain America figure

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Hot Toys Captain America (1)

Disney’s two for two on the TV side of its Marvel offerings, thanks to WandaVision kicking off a thoroughly weird new take on the MCU and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier charting a new course for who should wield the shield now that Steve Rogers has contracted a case of being old as heck. Sam Wilson’s debut as the Falcon was always going to end with him assuming the mantle of Captain America, and that isn’t just a legacy that he has earned. He looks damn good in it as well!

A star-spangled Avenger with wings of patriotic freedom, Sam’s Captain America outfit is pure liberty with a few Wakandan influences. With Bucky having already received the Hot Toys treatment, Sam’s sixth-scale tie-in was inevitable. And in the paraphrased words of Jaws, I’m going to need a bigger shelf if I want to display this hero taking flight as Captain America.

The most immediate attention-getter on this figure are the pair of Vibranium wings, that stretch to 80cm when fully opened. They’re also articulated, so you can pull off quite a few poses with them and fold them in for defensive purposes in case you have any HYDRA toys lurking about. As for the costume, it has embossed patterns, metal highlights, and all the other elements that you’d expect from a Hot Toys figure.

Accessories include a Redwing drone, an iconic Vibranium frisbee/shield, a bunch of extra hands, and a specially designed dynamic figure stand to help Sam lift off. All that and a headsculpt which looks very much like actor Anthony Mackie, who is also well known for regularly attending Comic Con Africa.


  • A hand-painted head sculpt, with highly-detailed likeness of Anthony Mackie as Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, complete with goggles and face gaiter
  • An expertly crafted 1/6 scale body with 30 points of articulation
  • Eight interchangeable gloved hands for multiple posing and display options
  • A tailored tactical suit with embossed pattern and star emblem in chest
  • One pair of embossed patterned pants with fabric coated knee pads
  • One metallic silver and blue belt
  • One pair of metallic silver and red forearm guards
  • One pair of metallic silver and red calf guards
  • One pair of metallic silver boots
  • One flight backpack
  • One Captain America shield
  • Newly designed wings with multiple points of articulation
  • A Redwing drone
  • A specially designed dynamic figure stand with character nameplate

As for the price? Sideshow Collectibles has it listed for $375, while locally you can grab the figure from Zapa Gaming for R5400. It’ll be flying in next year between July and September.

Last Updated: April 30, 2021

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