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Money Shot is an epic tale of science and sexploration at the edge of the universe

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Space, the final frontier. In a universe filled with mysteries that defy rational explanation and phenomena that slaps conventional wisdom right in the face with a physics-defying backhand…Nobody wants anything to do with Earth. A planet filled with a wr-hungry populace who have ruined the planet and elected the worst as the worst to lead them, it’s not hard to see why any sufficiently intelligent species would want to avoid doing business with us.

Science is a pariah, yearning to travel amongst the stars is nowhere near as important as pop star gossip and nobody wants to fund humanity’s leap towards a new era of exploration…unless they can shake hands with the milkman or dial their rotary phone. Imagine a crazy adventure across the stars, throw in several layers of horniness and an all too real examination of how species is only motivated to get anything done when the end result is a good excuse to visit the downstairs DJ and you’ve got Money Shot.

Vault Comics has been on the rise lately, and it’s not hard to see why with titles like this in their library. Written by Tim Seeley and Sarah Beattie, with Rebekah Isaacs and Kurt Michael Russell imagineering the maddest of ideas onto the printed page, Money Shot is a wild space adventure featuring genius scientists with a lust for life and getting it on with the universe.

It’s first story arc is a madcap exploration of cosmic crowdfunded sexploration across the final frontier, an energetic search for knowledge that harnesses humanity’s base instincts to fuel this thrust forward into a hostile galaxy. But more than anything else, Money Shot is a fantastic examination of what it means to be human.


Beneath the titillation, razor-sharp dialogue and high stakes adventure, there’s a heart that beats in sync with the more sensual panels on each page. There’s hope and wonder in each character who makes up the quintet of XXXplorers, a desire to genuinely remind the world of the ambition that once defined our species.

There’s a search for love amongst the cast of scientists turned intergalactic porn stars, genuine camaraderie built by abandoning social taboos on sexuality but never losing sight of what it means to be human. Sealey and Beattie’s story may be powered by raw sexual energy, but you’ll be sticking around the afterglow for a story that is fun, heart-warming and knows how to cuddle like a pro.

A story that is done absolutely superb justice by Isaacs and Russell in the art department. I’m trying to imagine how anyone can whip together pages of sequential storytelling that includes the most mundane of human existence with exotic alien worlds, terrifyingly horny extra-terrestrial monarchs and messiahs with a scrotum sack that could power entire cities with their orgasms, and yet Isaacs hits the nail on the head with gung-ho energy and infectious charm.


Isaacs crafts massive setpieces and intimate moments with style, and she’s also a master of facial expressions. Every nuance, every raw emotion and wildly imaginative idea, is captured with a style that is bright, bold and expressive to the max. Plus if you ever wanted to see an alien guru use his beef thermometer in a sword fight, Isaacs has you covered and then some with duelling cobra commander fight scenes.

Russell also adds the colourful cherry to this art, mixing in colours that suits every mood that the story calls for. From sterile blues in a science lab to vividly realised alien orgies against the setting of the sun, Russell’s nails the subtle art of making intergalactic helping to put Mr. Kleenex’s kids through university.

Add all those elements together, and you’ve got a series that is smart, fun, sexy and exciting. There’s much goo about something in this sexy collection of sultry science, all too human heroes and art so good that you’ll be reaching for a cigarette when you’re done reading it.

Last Updated: July 7, 2020

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