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The best comic book covers of the week – 18 February 2019

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There was this trend in the 1990s, where famous superheroes found themselves replaced in their comic books for a few years, before making a triumphant return. It was the equivalent of flooding the market with “New Coke” and then biding your time until a thirsty fanbase could down a gallon of “Classic Coke”, reigniting sales in the process.

Heck, it’s an idea that still happens today. We’ve seen Spider-Man make way for a superior alternative in the form of Otto Octavius, Steve Rogers was briefly dead for a while and gave his shield to Bucky and when Barry Allen died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wally West was there to pick up the mantle and become the newest Scarlet Speedster.

Knightfall (1)

My favourite replacement however? Freakin’ Batman, after he had his vertebrae rearranged by Bane’s lethal chiropractic knee. With the Bat broken, Gotham in chaos and various gimmick-themed villains roaming the streets, who could save the city from itself? None other, than Jean-Paul Valley! …Who? Recently introduced, Valley’s schtick was bonkers even for 1990s DC Comics. A Manchurian candidate, Valley had been programmed with the most lethal fighting skills imaginable, creating a sleeper agent for a defunct offshoot of the Knights Templar who could be used to police their organisation.

Knightfall (4)

That programming ran deep, giving Valley an arsenal of skills and techniques to call upon whenever the situation presented itself. Basically, he was like the MacGuyver of assassins except he broke necks instead of locks. For a while, Valley was the Batman that Gtham needed during the Knightfall saga, and more than two decades later…I still love the idea.

Knightfall (3)

Batman would reclaim his cowl eventually after KnightQuest saw Valley descend into madness and the saga of KnightsEnd began. It was crazy, it was pure 90s extreme to the max and there’ll never be another comic book storyline like it ever again. What a crazy couple of years that was. With that recap done, time to move on to the comic book covers of the week!

Venom #11 by Ryan Stegman

Venom #11

Monstress #20 by Sana Takeda

Monstress #20

Seven to Eternity #13 by Jerome Opena

Seven to Eternity #13

Return of Wolverine #5 by Adi Granov

Return of Wolverine #5

Catwoman #8 by Joelle Jones

Catwoman #8

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3 by Andrew Robinson

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3

Shuri #5 by Sam Spratt

Shuri #5

Black Widow #2 by Clayton Crain

Black Widow #2

The Black Order #4 by In-Hyuk Lee

The Black Order #4

X-O Manowar #24 by Grey Williamson

X-O Manowar #24

Old Man Quill #2 by Rod Reis

Old Man Quill #2

American Carnage #4 by Ben Oliver

American Carnage #4

Jughead: The Hunger #12 by Dennis Calero

Jughead The Hunger #12

Coda #9 by Matias Bergara

Coda #9

Jim Henson’s Beneath The Dark Crystal #7 by David Petersen

Jim Henson's Beneath The Dark Crystal #7

Bloodborne #9 by Jeff Stokely

Bloodborne #9

Incursion #1 by Doug Braithwaite

Incursion #1

Terminator: Sector War #3 by Tula Lotay

Terminator Sector War #3

Sukeban Turbo #4 by Victor Santos

Sukeban Turbo #4

Zodiac #1 by Jay Anacleto

Zodiac #1


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  1. Old Man Quill looks cool


    • Skyblue

      February 19, 2019 at 22:50

      I’m thinking it’s a little bit “age-ist”… because we just make shit like gender up now. Nothing is safe! ;-p


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