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20 new images for AFTER EARTH reveal the impossible for an M Night Shyamalan film – Information

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Let’s face facts here; Critically, M Night Shyamalan needs to pull out a hot if he expects to survive much longer in Hollywood. Sure, his films may make some decent cash, but on the review side, they’re absolutely terrible. Hell, The Last Airbender is a film that death row prisoners are usually forced to watch, as punishment.

And with After Earth, I’m holding onto a tiny spark of hope that the man finally delivers on something that combines tight mystery with polished cinematography.

The After Earth website and Facebook page has unleashed an entire torrent of new information, exposition which actually sets up the universe quite well. If you don’t feel like clicking through those images, here are some of the highlights;

  • Earth has been rendered the most dangerous planet in the universe after a series of cataclysmic climate change events
  • Humanity took to the stars in six arks, carrying 750 000 survivors to Nova Prime to begin again
  • Humanity is at war with the Skrel, who consider Nova Prime to be sacred ground
  • While Humanity was able to win initial battles against the Skrel, their ultimate bio-weapon, the Ursa turned the tide of the battle against them
  • The Ursa is able to prey on humans by sensing them through the pheremones they secrete when afraid. The Ursa see fear.
  • Cypher Raige discovered a weakness that he could use to take advantage of to defeat the Ursa. By becoming fearless, he could become invisible to the Ursa, and thus, Ghosting was created.
  • Only seven people have been able to master Ghosting, and are known as anomalies among Humanity

That’s some of the highlights, but give the rest of the package a read, as it creates an interesting environment and back story for After Earth. The film stars Will and Jaden Smith, and is out next year June.

Last Updated: December 21, 2012

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