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ABC may have already cancelled Marvel’s Inhumans before it has even aired

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“Scott Buck”. That’s my new favourite swear word. It’s also the name of the US TV writer and producer who totally ruined the two Marvel properties I was most looking forward to being adapted for the screen. I’ve made my utter disappointment/anger with Marvel’s Iron Fist clear on multiple occasions and also voiced just how terrible the upcoming Marvel’s Inhumans looks – both of which have Buck as the showrunner (FYI, he’s also the guy behind the much-derided final season of Dexter, just in case you were keeping score at home).

Inhumans has been drawing mass sniggering from fans for its bland and silly trailers and a barrage of vicious criticism from early reviewers. Marvel/ABC signed a landmark deal with IMAX to co-produce the show and have its opening two episodes – filmed in the premium cinematic format – premiere in IMAX cinemas globally first before being publicly rebroadcast on ABC next week. However, the gamble appears to have backfired as Inhumans only brought in a rather meager $2.85 million from IMAX proceeds. And it appears that all of this negativity has led to ABC perhaps already cancelling the show before it even officially begins.

As spotted by RenewCancelTV, ABC’s recent promotional material urge viewers to watch the upcoming “complete series” instead of the traditional first season. That means that they may have already scrapped any plans for a second season. In the world of Marvel, which is all about building franchises, this is an unexpected move.

Marvel’s Agent Carter has been the most short-lived of the studios’ small screen offerings, and even it got to play out two full seasons despite middling to low ratings. Of course, it helped that the show was actually good and had a fan-favourite lead in Hayley Atwell. It just didn’t find enough of an audience. Inhumans seems to have nothing going for it.

On the one hand, this is a good thing as I feel that crappy shows shouldn’t be rewarded with more airtime, especially when they’re ruining one of my favourite properties. On the other hand though, there’s also the case that sometimes a show can course correct. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD did not have a great start by any stretch of the imagination, but once it started to react to events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the characters started finding their proper voices and arcs, it didn’t just get better with each season, but arguably became the best pure comic book show on TV.

Could Inhumans do something similar if given the chance? Well, the amazingly rich and exciting source material would say yes. The inclusion of Scott Buck says “Hell no!” though.

Last Updated: September 22, 2017

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