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Achtung! Is Bradley Cooper going to remake KOKOWAAH?

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It’s been a good year so far for Mr Face. Silver Linings Playbook has been a success for the actor, to the point that he got himself an Academy Award nomination, and he’s picked up another cheque for an upcoming third trip into TequilaVille, aka The Hangover 3.

So what’s next for the beardy actor? Apparently, he’s going to start directing. Directing ze Chermans that is.

Over in the land of Merkel, a recent movie that side has taken the local box office charts by storm. It’s called Kokawaah, and the German film is all about the relationship between swinging bachelor Henry, his dedicated fatherly pal Tristan and Tristan’s daughter. Thing is, it looks like Henry might be the papa to that eight-year old child.

Cooper is on board to produce right now, but he might take things a step further if he likes the script that Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph are working on. Oh, and he’ll want to star in it as well. In Hollywood, this is no longer known as pulling an Eastwood, but is instead called pulling an Affleck.

Still, it might be a while before Cooper gets started on that. He’s got more movies coming up, by the name of American Sniper and Dark Invasion to get through first, and will also be seen in the upcoming The place beyond the pines.

Oh, and a new David O’ Russell conman pic alongside Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence. And another film from Cameron Crowe that he’ll also be taking part in. FOrget the Affleck quote, Cooper is pulling a Del Toro.

Last Updated: March 1, 2013

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