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Adam Sandler is playing with some BAD TOYS

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Looks like perpetual on-screen man-child Adam Sandler has a new passion for web-based films, as the Zohan himself has just snapped up another one, this time, in the form of Bad Toys.

A short film that combined action figures with baysplosions, Sandler is looking to add it to his production slate, right next to that other property he nabbed, Pixels.

Created by Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste, the short film poked fun at director Michael Bay and his energetic filming style, as well as his fondness for explosions and sunny locales that happen to have plenty of palm trees dotted around.

Sandler is looking to produce a longer version of the short through his company, Happy Madison, as a vehicle for a family man looking to connect with his kids through such sequences, while recapturing his own youth.

There’s no writer, director or even actor attached to the project yet, though Brunet and Douste are on board to executive produce the film.

Last Updated: July 26, 2012


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