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Alexandra Daddario searches for connection in the drama/thriller Lost Girls and Love Hotels

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Lost Girls and Love Hotels is the upcoming R-rated drama/thriller from director William Olsson (An American Affair) that’s based on the 2006 novel of the same name by Catherine Hanrahan, who also wrote the script. It stars Alexandra Daddario (True Detective, the Percy Jackson franchise), Takehiro Hira (Giri/Haji), and Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones).

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

Margaret (Alexandra Daddario) finds herself in the glittering labyrinth of Tokyo by night and as a respected English teacher of a Japanese flight attendant academy by day. With little life direction, Margaret searches for meaning with fellow ex-pats in a Japanese dive bar, drinking to remember, to forget, and losing herself in love hotel encounters with men who satisfy a fleeting craving.

When Margaret crosses paths with a dashing Yakuza, Kazu (Takehiro Hira), she falls in love with him despite the danger and tradition that hinders their chances of being together. We follow Margaret through the dark and light of love and what it means to find oneself abroad with a youthful abandon.

Let’s take a look, but before we do I’ll put out a cautionary NSFW warning because, despite it being the green-band trailer, this is an R-rated movie after all:

This is one of those rare trailers that doesn’t spoil the entire plot of the movie, which is great in its own right, and also because I think this looks like an excellent drama – so it’ll be nice to watch it without knowing the ending. It looks well directed, I’m curious to see how the plot unravels, and Daddario looks like she’s putting in a good performance as the damaged Margaret.

What do you think?

Lost Girls and Love Hotels is due for release in the US on 18 September. It also stars Misuzu Kanno, Kate Easton, Peter Mark Kendall, Elisabeth Larena, Mariko Tsutsui, and Asuka Kurosawa.

Last Updated: August 17, 2020

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