Always listen to the receptionist in the creepy short WHITE WITH RED

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Personally, when I visit a seedy hotel, I’m less worried about strange things than the neighbour going through my stuff when I’m gone. But if the receptionist insists several times that you do not go anywhere near the supposed ‘storage room’ next to your own room, that’s reason enough to listen – right?

Not in this horror short called White With Red. It’s not the scariest of horror stories, but I really like it for how much it does with the little time it uses. Most full length horrors never manage to be this creepy:

Here’s more detail:

Adapted from the popular creepypasta tale “White with Red”, this fantastic short film adaptation by filmmaker Brandon Christensen follows the events of a night in the life of a man who decides to spend the night in a seedy motel. Upon check-in, he is told that next door to his room is a room with no number, and is warned not to go into that room. At first he is baffled by the suggestion that he would even do such a thing, but once he sees the unmarked door for himself, he gets curious, and peeps through the old-fashioned key hole to see what is so special about the secretive room.

More story and cast details can be found at the official web page.

Last Updated: April 5, 2016


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