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Are HBO and Zack Snyder developing a WATCHMEN TV series?

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Who watches the Watchmen? Well, if this latest report turns out to be true, then the answer to that question is “probably all of us”. Collider are claiming that their sources have intel that director Zack Snyder has been meeting with US cable network HBO to discuss a TV series adaptation of Alan Moore’s widely acclaimed best selling 1987 graphic novel Watchmen.

Snyder directed a feature film adaptation of Moore’s sprawling superhero deconstructionist work in 2009, a remarkable achievement seeing as how for years it was considered – by fans and the long line of filmmakers who took a crack at it and failed – to be unfilmable. What made Snyder’s achievement even more amazing was that the movie was actually pretty good (hell, it could even be argued that Snyder improved on Moore’s work with his changed ending).


But while the film was mostly a critical success, it didn’t exactly set the box office alight, earning just $185 million off a $130 million budget as casual viewers didn’t take to a gloomy R-rated multi-narrative character study/anti-war rant/philosophical treatise/superhero movie with a giant blue penis in it. Maybe second time’s the charm? For the adaptation, I mean, not the massive dong.

According to Collider though, these meetings are still in the very, very early stages and at this time there are zero details on whether this will just be taking another swing at Moore’s work, or perhaps be a sequel or maybe even a prequel. The comic book version of the latter was already done by DC Comics in 2012 when they released “Before Watchmen“, a collection of eight individual comic-book mini-series, each focusing on a different character before we get to meet them in Watchmen. Could HBO perhaps be looking to combine and adapt those stories into one TV series narrative?

At this point it’s all just speculation though, but what isn’t is the fact that with Moore’s original graphic novel so highly regarded and well beloved, whichever direction a new TV series venture takes is going to hellishly closely scrutinized by fans.

UPDATE: Deadline has now received confirmation from HBO, with the network stating that “Preliminary discussions regarding Watchmen have occurred, but we have no additional information and no deals are in place.” So at least we know this is really happening.

Last Updated: October 2, 2015

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