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Arnie is flat domestically, but still big overseas

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The revival of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career has not been going all that well. So far his return to the big screen has been lining up a steady stream of flops and under-performers. But things look far rosier when casting a view beyond the U.S….

Arnie is still a big draw in other markets, as is apparent by box office earnings. At least, that is the conclusion of Business Insider, which notes that outside of Sabotage and the limited-release Maggie, recent movies starring Arnie have been solid performers abroad. Here is the breakdown:

Movie Worldwide Gross Domestic Gross International Gross
The Expendables 2 $305.4 million $85 million $220.4 million
The Last Stand $48.3 million $12 million $36.3 million
Escape Plan $137.3 million $25.1 million $112.2 million
Sabotage $17.5 million $10.5 million $7 million
The Expendables 3 $206.2 million $39.3 million $166.9 million

For this reason, the article argues, studios have spent more time promoting his movies in other countries. But that is a broad statement that could be made for nearly all major releases. Still, the studios do appear to make less of an effort back at home.

The most recent example is Terminator Genisys, which had a poor opening weekend of $44 million – one of the lowest for the franchise – it already doubled that amount abroad. The movie still has to open in major markets such as China and Japan, so its foreign fortunes are only bound to rise.

This opens a new chapter in the debate about Hollywood’s shifting bottom line and the rising prominence of China in particular. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be a has-been at home, but if his appeal is really as strong as is being suggested, maybe it’s good to be big in Japan or China.

Last Updated: July 7, 2015

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  1. RinceThis

    July 7, 2015 at 11:38

    It may be because he is a fallen political figure and Mericans are all Christians *RUNS


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