Assassin's Creed movie project finally finds a studio

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Ubisoft has had a challenge getting their historical tale of Assassins vs Templar up on screen. Studios may be interested in their property, but they aren’t keen to do business with a game developer and publisher giant that wants to retain creative control over their property.

With Michael Fassbender attached to the potential movie though, things are finally starting to pick up pace though, as New Regency and Fox have joined the production of the project.

After collaborating with Fassbender previously on 12 years a slave, New Regency struck a deal with Ubisoft, meaning that the film is one step closer to being made real.

Right now, the game developer is hoping to get production rolling in summer 2013, according to statements from Ubisoft Motion Pictures CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet.

Whether Fassbender plays main character Desmond Miles, or one of his distant ancestors such as Altair or Ezio Auditore is still unclear, but this could be another blockbuster feather in the cap of the actor, after experiencing success in films such as Prometheus and X-Men First Class.

What o you think? Could Assassin’s Creed be the one big budget video game movie adaptation that truly succeeds?

Last Updated: October 23, 2012

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