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BATMAN V SUPERMAN images feature a new look at the film and Lex Luthor's magnificent wig

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Batman V Superman (3)

Teaser shots for Batman V Superman: Dora The Explorer be damned, we want to see some actual images from the film, all official-like and gussied up! 2016 is the year where DC Comics and Warner Bros have to bring their A-game to the shared universe idea of movies, with their grim and gritty vigilantes brawling for keeps in the first ever cinematic team-up of the world’s finest.

And dark is where it’s at, as Ben Affleck Affleck compared his version der fleidermaus man to a Shakespeare classic to EW, which also revealed images from the film:

“Batman is basically the American version of Hamlet. We accept that he’s played by actors with different interpretations.”

Affleck then went on to reiterate that his Batman is more “mature” than any we’ve seen before:

“He’s at the end of his run and maybe the end of his life. There’s this sort of world-weariness to it.”

As for Superman, Henry Cavill explained the difference in POVs between Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman:

“I like to think that Man of Steel was the perspective of the world from Clark, Kal-El, looking at the world and trying to exist with in it. Batman v Superman is definitely more mankind’s perspective of Superman.”

I’ve got no problem with a dark and gritty DC universe of comic book movies. But for the love of Rao, the films do need to remember to have some heart, and not be dour examples of the latest advances in CGI-building smashing visuals. That being said, the look of DC’s trinity of heroes looks fantastic. Especially Wonder Woman’s costume, and Gal Gadot’s Maybelline pose on the cover.

It’s the main problem that I had with Man of Steel, which was a technically superb movie that had no soul. And that goes against what Superman stands for. He’s a symbol of hope, something that I hope director Zack Snyder remembers in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The film is out next year March and stars Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman, Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman,Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, with Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane returning from Man of Steel, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

Last Updated: July 3, 2015

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