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More details and characters revealed for BIG HERO 6

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Just because Disney owns Marvel now, doesn’t mean that they have to build a billion dollar empire based on comic book properties from that long-standing house of printed media. Well, it certainly helps to do exactly that, but the benefit of having Marvel under their wing is that Disney now has plenty of talent from which to draw ideas and concepts from.

One such collaboration from the two will be Big Hero 6, a Don Hall film which follows the exploits of super-genius Hiro, a 14 year old kid living in San Fransokyo. More details after the jump.

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Being a super-genius on the level of both TV Dexters, Hiro happens to have built quite a few inventions. And then one of them gets stolen by a super villain. According to info revealed at the D23 Expo that Slashfilm attended, Hiro will need to assemble his own team of heroes in order to reclaim his technology and save the day.

And of course, it’s a team of misfits, but one that uses the skills of the people chosen for the job. A team made up of  “normal people fitted with mechanical marvels”:

  • Go Go – a bike messenger
  • Wasabi No Ginger – a sushi chef
  • Honey Lemon – a chemist and barista
  • Fred – a comic book fanboy.

It sounds like an interesting concept so far, in which a team builds their own Avengers basically. Big Hero 6 is still a ways away though, and will only be rolling into cinemas next year November. But according to the buzz surrounding that film and the sizzle reel that was shown, it’ll be worth the wait.

Last Updated: August 12, 2013

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  1. You mean “plenty of archives”. I suspect Disney could always afford the talent it wanted…


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