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BLUE THUNDER remake on the cards, this time with drones

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Here’s a throwback for you: the 1983 action movie Blue Thunder starring Roy Scheider. It was about the perils of modern technology when the LAPD get to fly a new military helicopter that is far too powerful and invasive to be in the civilian realms. The movie was a fairly fun thriller with some good action sequences, but its profound cultural impact came down to two things: casting the spectre of dangerous technology in a far more conventional jacket (helicopters are more relatable than, say, killer robots) and blowing the mind of kids everywhere. Cos, you know, massive, kick-ass killer helicopter! These were the days of Airwolf, after all…

When Blue Thunder came out, there was no helicopter like the one it represented. But today’s modern helis actually make it look like it came out of a kit box. So the film was onto something and its warnings quite apt. Now Sony wants to return to that world, but apply a new theme: drones. There are several drone-related movies on their way and Sony doesn’t want to be left out. So why not get a two-for-one and resurrect and old classic that did pretty well?

Few people have been attached to it so far. According to JoBlo:

BLUE THUNDER will be written by Craig Kyle who has scripted several Marvel animated films and is co-writing THOR: RAGNAROK with Christopher Yost. It will be produced by Dana Brunetti whose most recent success was FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. There is no word on an expected production or release date or even a director.

This doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea, though Blue Thunder didn’t have that fantastic a story. Its saving grace was that it put a fresh idea on the table. We could say it invented the whole ‘bad tech in the sky’ narrative. Since then there have been plenty of movies about that and even more press coverage.

Blue Thunder‘s sequel will have the challenge of finding a way to uplift the mundane, a problem the original never got stuck with. Never mind that drones are not exactly flashy weapons – you don’t see Apache-style kill shots with a high calibre weapon as it hovers a kilometer away. Find, fire, forget: that’s what drones do. Maybe it will be another Eagle Eye or Enemy Of The State: you know, Gene Hackman shouting: “Don’t look up!”

I think Blue Thunder 2‘s creators actually have their work cut out of them. But this is one remake/sequel that does make sense.

Last Updated: March 18, 2015

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