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Blumhouse to remake Stephen King’s Firestarter, Zac Efron set to star

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Blumhouse has already shown that it loves to reboot horror classics for new audiences. Perhaps there is no author who gets both the cinematic adaption treatment and the reboot treatment more than Stephen King whose works have continued to inspire generations for the past fifty years. And that King classic which is making a comeback, is Firestarter.

Based on King’s 1981 novel about a young girl named Charlie and her frighteningly powerful pyrokinetic abilities, the novel was first adapted into a film in 1984 and starred a very young Drew Barrymore. The film wasn’t considered a box office success due to how it adapted King’s popular story, with King himself not pleased with the final result.

Hopefully this time Blumhouse can do the story justice, and to do just that the studio is bringing in relative newcomer Keith Thomas (The Vigil) to direct, with a script from Scott Teems (Halloween Kills). We don’t know any details about the project to know exactly how close to the original story they are going to adhere to, though you would imagine they would want to not stray from the source material too much.

What we do know is that Zac Efron (as reported by Variety) has signed on to play the lead role in the film, which likely means he will be playing the role of Andrew McGee, Charlie’s father. Efron has really worked on building up quite a diverse repertoire since his early Disney days and he should be able to comfortably fit into the role of a struggling young father.

Last Updated: September 30, 2020

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  1. Banana Jim

    September 30, 2020 at 14:51

    To think, that’s a very little and young (but world weary) Drew Barrymore on that movie poster… and she escaped her troubled childhood to become a pretty inspirational lady.


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