The BUTTERFLY EFFECT is rebooting

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Back in the 2000s, everyone knew Ashton Kutcher as being that funny guy. Heck, that’s why That 70’s Show ran for so long, as Kelso was the real star of that show. Naturally, Kutcher wanted to break out of that typecasting and he attempted to do so with a film called the Butterfly Effect, which was Donnie Darko but with prettier people and a far less confusing time travel plot.

And it actually wasn’t bad at all. Nine years later though, and after two direct to DVD sequels, looks like someone is resetting the past on that film. 

butterfly effect (2)

Eric Bress, who was one half of the writers for the original flick is back for the reboot according to Variety. In the original film, a young man learns that he can time travel back into his past, reliving events from his youth which he then proceeds to change. Except every time he undoes an event, the repercussions in his present timeline become worse and worse.

Critically, the film wasn’t well received at the time but considering that it made $96 million off of a $16 million budget, people obviously didn’t care what critics had to say. It’s also a far more interesting film on DVD with the alternate ending, where Kutcher decideds to undo all the damage he has cause by (NINE YEAR OLD ALTERNATE ENDING SPOILER WARNING) travelling all the way back in time to when he was a foetus, and then committing suicide by strangling himself with his own umbilical cord.

Now let’s see of the reboot has the balls to go ahead and use that ending.

Last Updated: July 29, 2013

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