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By the crimson bands of Tim Burton, is Johnny Depp the next sorceror supreme in DR STRANGE?

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It used to be that comic book movies would attract talent that had seen better days, only for those actors to get a surge of popularity that reignited their careers. These days though? Those films are attracting the cream of the acting crop.

Well, button down your eye of Agamotto, because the Phase 3 movie, Doctor Strange, may have just attracted a massive catch in the form of Johnny Depp.

According to Latino Review, who have a solid record with this kind of thing, the Pirates of the Caribbean star is being talked to about donning the red cape of the Sorcerer Supreme for a film that will follow after the Avengers: Age of Ultron, once Iron Man is no longer the star of that cinematic universe.

As much a fan as I am of Depp and his acting, my only concern here is longevity. Such roles are rigorous work, and you need a young actor for the role. And granted, Depp doesn’t look his age of 50 thanks to Hollywood magic, but you need an actor who is committed to the role for several sequels and tie-ins, especially with the Marvel phase films. What Depp brings to the table however, is star power for a character that isn’t as widely recognised as Spider-Man or Iron Man.

Combined with a rumoured strong script that dips further into the mysticism well of those comic book properties, and Doctor Strange could be the new breakout success of Marvel movies. If Depp is chosen, let’s hope that he’s in it for the long run.

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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