Call of Duty 4 too short

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A Neogaf poster called pswii60 as leaked the scores from the next OXM magazine and there are some suprising results in there.

COD4 gets 9/10 but it falls down on the single payer side, it appears that the COD4 single player is only 5-6 hours long on normal difficulty. Which is about perfect for me but I know a lot of people are going to complain about this. It has made me change my opinion on it possibly beating BioShock in single player mode.

Apart from that the other interesting, if not sad, results are Conan getting 5/10 and Spiderman getting 3/10. Those being my two outside hopefuls for the Christmas period.

Also Tony Hawks received 9/10 and since every other reviewer has slated it we are obviously suspicious….

New OXM December (UK) – Scores & Summaries (inc first Naruto review) – NeoGAF

Last Updated: October 22, 2007

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