Check out the first teaser trailer and poster for THE DIVERGENT SERIES: INSURGENT

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Critical reception for Divergent was mixed, Kervyn gave it a 2.5 saying it was “a formulaic slog that wastes its talent”, but it was well received by fans of the series and did well enough at the box office to earn a sequel. Now Summit International has released the first teaser trailer and poster for that sequel, titled The Divergent Series: Insurgent.


I'd say she's defying reality just fine


Feast your eyes on Tris (star Shailene Woodley) surfing a flying building that’s on fire to rescue her mother. Don’t pretend you’re not even a little impressed by how CGI-crazy it all is.



The Divergent Series: Insurgent (because long title names with colons are cool right now… Kervyn thinks it’s clever though) is the sequel the franchise urgently needs to become resurgent. We’ll see when it hits theatres on 20 March 2015. Defy reality!

Last Updated: November 13, 2014

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