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Check out the MAN OF STEEL cast…in plastic form

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Zack Snyder has a Man of Steel movie hitting us in June and so far, he’s being more tight-lipped about the project than known mafioso Johnny Tightlips. Also, go suck a lemon. While we know that film reboots the last son of Krypton for a more serious approach, we haven’t seen much more than a minute and a half of footage from the flick, with much of the production wrapped up in lead to stop any X-Ray eyed reporting from escaping with a few more details.

But hey, it looks like some tie-in toys might be providing that solid look after all at what the characters in the film actually look like. Although they include small parts which can lead to choking. Sorry Kervyn, it’s for your own good.

Kal-El, along with his poppa Jor-El, main villain Zod and his sidekick Faora were all spotted at Toy Fair by Kotaku, revealing more three dimensional looks at their on-screen forms. Russell Crowe’s Jor-El certainly looks much fitter than he did in The Man with the Iron Fists, sporting some Kryptonian battle-armour and a rifle, while his baby boy is dressed in the more traditional superhero garb. Minus the red, chafing trunks of course.

As for Zod and Faora, a trip to the Phantom Zone has done little to wipe the smiles from their faces, as they model the latest in techno-medieval armour. Chain and plate-mail, it’s the new black. I’m liking the look of this film so far, as despite the fact that the Kryptonians have a human appearance, their fashion does feel alien and dark.

It’s a signature look from the director. And I like it. Looks like I’ll be adding some Kryptonian action figures (THEY’RE NOT DOLLS!) to my collection when these release later in the year.

Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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