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The Last of Us TV series finds its director in Chernobyl’s Johan Renck

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When it comes to adapting one of the biggest video games with one of the most memorable stories in its genre, you’re going to want to do it justice. And for HBO, they’re certainly not going to waste the opportunity in adapting The Last of Us. As previously revealed, Craig Mazin, the acclaimed creator of multiple award-winning Chernobyl, will executive produce and write the series. In an interview with Discussing Film though, it was revealed that Mazin won’t be the only Chernobyl alum on the production.

In the interview, director Johan Renck – who helmed all five episodes of Chernobyl – confirmed his involvement in The Last of Us. He will be co-producing with Mazin but also says that “I will be directing at least the pilot… Then we’ll see how it goes on further”. Even if Renck only helms that opening episode, that will help massively to set the initial style and tone for others to follow. And he could always take on more episodes if required.

I’m extremely happy with this news. Chernobyl was easily one of the best series from last year, with some superb writing and directing that made it a really moving experience. If they can work the same magic into this show, it could easily be not just the best video-game adaptation ever, but even the best series of the year.

While the initial plan was to make a The Last of Us movie, I think making it a series will really allow the story and characters to be fleshed out properly and not be rushed into the usual big blockbuster action movie space that would have diluted the story. With Hollywood getting better at making video game movies lately, perhaps it’s also time that they realise a series format would work well and we get to see more of these big games adapted properly.

Last Updated: June 8, 2020


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    Now I’m interested!


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      June 8, 2020 at 12:17

      Stop shouting. I can’t hear myself type. That it was. Very morbid. Where they have to eradicate all the pets hit hard.


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