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Cinophile – Scrooged

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Everyone loves Bill Murray. He”s been a stoner, a ghost hunter and a oceanic explorer, to name a few. But could you imagine him as a ruthless and cold corporate stooge? Probably – and you know he”d make it funny. Still, if Murray was to play a ruthless grouch, why not give him the ultimate role? Why not make him Scrooge?


There have been many adaptations to A Christmas Carol. The tale of a man being spooked into opening his heart has appeared as movies, TV specials, stage plays… there”s an entire Wikipedia page devoted to just this topic. But Murray”s take on the Dickens yarn is one of the best, though some might argue that “one of” doesn”t do it justice.


You know the tale: a miser of a man is visited by three ghosts and ultimately he changes his ways, opening his heart, and everyone lives happily ever after. Murray”s TV executive is the man in question and he gets visited through an extravaganza of special effects that stood out even in the late 80s. One could never grow tired of the scene where his deceased partner pays him a visit… it”s classic stuff. And let”s not forget the Ghost Of Christmas Future”s most iconic look ever. Ever.


If you were a kid of the Eighties, you know Scrooged. You probably haven”t seen it in a long time and it has kinda gotten lost under the weight of Murray”s impressive resume. But can anyone ever get tired of watching a mouse pop out of a dusty ghost”s skull? Or a morose Bobcat Goldthwait hopelessly trying to be hopeless? Of course not.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2013

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