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Comic-Con: Kevin Smith debuts trailer for his horror film Killroy Was Here

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Kevin Smith may have made his name with oddball comedies, a strong passion for comic books, and an even stronger desire for marijuana lately, but over the years the filmmaker has tried to diversify his talents. One such example of this can be found in Tusk, although reception on that film was mixed at best. Even when Smith is talking and attention focuses on comedy films like Clerks 3 or Mallrats 2, he still looks to remind his fans of his love of horror, with his next entry in the genre being the anthology film Killroy Was Here.

The film is based on a graffiti symbol that originated during World War II among American GIs. The image is of a cartoon man with an especially prominent nose, peering over a wall. It’s unknown exactly who Killroy was, or why the graffiti came to exist in the first place. What is known is that it has persisted for decades, showing up in some of the unlikeliest of places. And now Smith is looking to provide a fictionalised history behind the origins of this popular symbol, in his own unique style

As usual, Kevin Smith had an entire panel at the recent Comic-Con@Home, where he mostly talks about his stoner comedy projects and swears a lot, but in the below video, which jumps to the start of the trailer, you can see him introducing Killroy Was Here and remind us that this is not “the” trailer for the film, but “a” trailer for the film. Make of that what you will:

I’m not a massive fan of many of Smith’s movies as I find he relies too much on a blend of humour that I don’t particularly enjoy, and I must say that what I see in this trailer doesn’t particularly stand out. Not only is it filled with some of that same type of humour, but it doesn’t come across as scary either, which is the point of a horror movie. Hopefully, the “real” trailer will have something more to offer.

The film once again stars Smooth’s long-time collaborator Jason Mewes, and is expected to be released sometime next year. You can also watch the rest of Smith’s slot above if you are interested in what he has to say. Be warned though that he gets bleeped a lot, so perhaps it’s not safe for sensitive ears.  

Last Updated: July 28, 2020

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  1. LegionZA

    July 28, 2020 at 13:13

    I enjoy SMith’s movies, so wil give it a go for sure. And I enjoyed Tusk, was wonderfully weird.


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