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Cosplayers! Take a look at these detailed costume designs from Thor: Ragnarok

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There is a lot that goes into creating an immersive cinema experience these days. It’s not just all about the actors, the cinematography or the script –  but increasingly about everything else required to build the worlds and stories we see. Thankfully we live in the days of fantastic CGI which means that realistic worlds can be crafted in many of our sci-fi films that used to be the entire domain of set designers. One thing which is a little difficult to create realistically unless you are not going for full motion capture is costume design. While it’s okay to overlay a certain amount of special effects over a human actor, they still need to move and behave like they are wearing reals costumes, which is why it makes so much more sense to just create as many of the costumes as you can.

And great costume design is not just the domain of period dramas but is increasingly important for sci-fi and fantasy movies too. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe represents the best of both these genres and with its next film Thor: Ragnarok making its way to our screens on Nov 3rd, Marvel unveiled a number of the actual costumes at a recent fan expo in Toronto.

And while we don’t have the budget to just fly over to Toronto to visit the expo ourselves (click those ads, people!) Screen Rant has posted a number of pictures of the costumes used in the filming process. It’s great to see the incredible amount of detail that has gone into the costumes, which will provide a challenge for ciosplayers to replicate, though I have no doubt that we will see many great attempts in the coming months as people dress up as their favourite heroes:

Last Updated: September 1, 2017

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  1. Original Heretic

    September 1, 2017 at 15:37

    These are bloody brilliant.

    Darryn, is there a pool of saliva at your feet yet? Stop drooling, wipe your mouth and keep it closed.


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