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Could Bane or the Transporter be the next Snake Plissken?

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“Call me Snake…mate.” “No STAthaM, cALl mE snAKE”. Love or hate the idea, but a reboot of the cult classic John Carpenter film Escape from New York is on the way. Right now, even Kurt Russell is a touch too old to slap on an eye patch and hiss a few one-liners while blasting away at the apocalypse, so it seems that some new blood is needed.

And much like the rest of Hollywood, the next Snake could be yet another part of the British invasion of the American film industry.

Take this news with a pinch of salt, but it looks like Jason “Punch it till it works” Statham and Tom “I got a funny sunburn during Dark Knight Rises” Hardy are the leading candidates to take on the mantle of Snake Plissken. Joel Silver is currently in charge of the reboot, and according to the Daily News, the two brits are currently being sought after for the anti-hero role.

Still, even if it does turn out to be fake, I’d still welcome either actor in that remake. The new Snake Plissken movies are going through the awkward trilogy phase, with the first film reportdley being part one and a prequel that goes back to how Snake turned out to be so mean. Statham may be getting a bit old to handle three such rough films, but there’s no doubt that he can bring a level of coolness and charm to the part, while Hardy has become a bankable action star as of late as well.



Last Updated: March 27, 2013

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