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Could Transformers 4 have a planet-eating big bad and ancient bots in store?

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Step aside Galactus! Let me show you what a real planet-devourer looks like! With Michael Bay preparing to Aerosmith his way out of the Transformers franchise in a flurry of fire, debris and tight camera angles shot over glossy cars, it wouldn’t be too surprising to imagine the director was going to be thinking big for his swansplosion.

And how big is he thinking exactly? Like really, really big. You can’t see it, but I just dislocated my arms to show you.

While Bay is keeping mum so far on what his Marky Mark starring film will have inside of it, the rumours have begun spinning as to who the big bad could be exactly for this film.

UnleashtheFanboy.com say that they have managed to get their internet hands on a script, which amongst other details, reveals the bots that will star in the film. So consider these spoilers of a sort.


















Looks like Bay wants the Autobot equivalent of Satan making an appearance, because the script mentions that Unicron will be appearing to treat the planet as a KFC buffet. Y’know, this guy:

Maybe his alternate form can be a Hummer truck. Unicron is essentially the anti-christ of that franchise, a force of nature that is literally the size of a planet, and can transform into one as well. Here’s what some dedicated fans from the Transformers Wiki had to say about the character in two paragraphs or less;

Also known as the Lord of Chaos, the Chaos Bringer, and the Planet Eater, he is dedicated to consuming the multiverse. His massive form is powered by the consumption of planets, moons, stars, and even the very fabric of existence.

Unicron will not be sated until his ultimate goal is attained: to bring an end to the annoying creation boasting independence around him, and find peace by becoming the living center of a swirling, infinite torrent of nothingness at the end of all things.

It’s not the first time that Unicron has been seen on the big screen though, as he appeared way back in 1986 for the animated movie, voiced by none other than Orson Welles, who voiced the character shortly before he died, and presumably while loaded on wine, as per his contract (citation needed).

Okay, but that kind of makes sense then, if you’re looking to tip the scales and have a larger story. But as for new autobots? It looks like a certain prehistoric crew might be making the rounds this time, as the Dinobots are also mentioned in the script.

Upon hearing this, Kervyn immediately starting speaking in the third person, and kept on calling me Swoop, grabbing my legs and demanding that I fly him to the cinema.  Bay has been wanting to use the fan favourite characters for a while now, and this might finally be the film to do so.

Megatron is also on the rumour list, as a disembodied spirit that uses what I’m guessing is space magic to take over the Decepticon body of Galvatron. Expect Hugo Weaving to spend another two hours doing some work, cashing a decent paycheck, and then bitching about it afterwards.

Is Transformers 4 going to be a ridiculously large scale film? All I know is, that this might be the biggest Baysplosion of all time.

Last Updated: December 18, 2012

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