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CW casts Jughead and Betty in Archie adaption RIVERDALE

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With all these comic book adaptions being made for TV and cinema, The CW’s take on Archie – Riverdale – is maybe the one that has me most excited and likewise afraid, very afraid.

You see Archie comics were my earliest introduction to the world of comics. They provided me with hours of entertainment and even though I might have been too young to fully understand the intricate dynamics of all the characters, I knew one thing for sure – I really loved it! So when the news broke about Riverdale being made by CW it got me all nostalgic. This was of course an exciting time for me, just the thought of some of my favorite characters brought to life had me busting with anticipation. Then it dawned on me, what if they completely mess it up. What if The CW takes this iconic story and turn it into a fang-less version of the Vampire Diaries!


Only time will tell I guess. What we do know for sure is this: Riverdale, which is currently in pilot stage has been described as a subversive and surreal take on the famous Archie gang and is set to explore the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath the small town of Riverdale’s wholesome facade. Which is definitely not the Archie story that I remember. It does make sense to go that route though, in order to appeal to a larger audience and of course to make the story more relevant to today’s generation – and those that have no connection to the classic comics. Over the last few years, the Archie comics have already reinvented themselves several times to keep up with modern societal norms, so it’s not that surprising that a TV series adaptation would also follow suit.

The latest news to come from the studio is that they have cast the roles for Betty and Jughead. As reported by Deadline CW have cast Lili Reinhart (Surviving Jack) as Betty and former Disney Channel star Cole Sprouse (The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody) as Jughead. Reinhart could make a good Betty, but for now I don’t see much of Jughead in Sprouse, but I have been wrong before so I will hold off my judgement for when the Pilot drops.


However here is where I get concerned again. Sprouse’s Jughead is being described as a “heart-throb with a philosophical bent and former best friend of Archie Andrews, who is still smarting from the rift that took place between the two.” Is my entire recollection of this story so far off point? When was Jughead ever a heart-throb? I remember him as Archie’s dopey buddy, whose biggest concern was stuffing his face with burgers and shakes. In fact, thinking back now, it is so obvious that Jughead was the stoner in that group. Anyway, Reinhart’s Betty Cooper is being described as “sweet, studious, eager-to-please and wholesome with a huge crush on her longtime best friend, Archie. Tired of being the perfect daughter, student, sister, etc., she turns to her new friend, Veronica, for life advice — much to the consternation of her emotionally brittle mother”.

There you go, that is the latest on Riverdale for now, and all we can do now is wait to see if it’s any good (If my wife loves this show, then its going to be crap). I would love to hear what your thoughts are on all of this, so let us know below.

Last Updated: February 10, 2016

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