Damon Lindelof is not to blame for PROMETHEUS' cop-out ending

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If you’ve read my earlier review of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, then you would know that it not only failed to live up to my expectations, but may or may not have also resulted in a box of cold pop corn thrown at the screen. The main reason for this was the film’s 3rd act which completely and purposely drops the ball on virtually all of the intriguing narrative questions raised earlier.

You may also have read that Damon Lindelof was behind the script. The same Damon Lindelof who left an entire generation of TV watchers as seething balls of anger and frustration when after 5 years of setup on Lost, the finale failed to provide any answers.

Thar may sound familiar, but it turns out that this is not a case of Lindelof not having learned his lesson again.

Bleeding Cool sat down with the writer where he addressed a number of things about the film, including why the film’s ending was so vague.

“I think that one man’s loose ends are another man’s ambiguity, and I think that Ridley was very interested in ambiguity…

There were drafts that were more explicitly spelled out. I think Ridley’s instinct kept being to pull back, and I would say, “Ridley, I’m still eating shit a year after Lost is over for all the things we didnt directly spell out, Are you sure you want to do this?” And he said, “I would rather have people fighting about it and not know then spell it out.”

Ridley, you son of a…

Lindelof then went on to spotlight one particular dangling plot thread, and how it could be addressed through multiple viewings, or possibly even sequels. And since this is now getting into SPOILER territory, if you haven’t seen the film yet, then I suggest you stop reading now.









Here’s Lindelof:

“And I know it’s horribly obnoxious to say “You need to see the movie a couple of times in order to truly appreciate it”, but I do feel like it was designed that way and there are little things that seem like a throw-away on first viewing.

For example, when they do the carbon dating on the dead engineer and realise he has been dead for 2000 years then you wonder about when, 2000 years ago, the Engineers decided to wipe us out. What happened 2000 years ago? Is there any correlation with what happened on the earth 2000 years ago and this decision that was already in motion? Could a sequel start in that time period and contextualize what we did to piss these beings off?

I think it’s a very interesting question to leave dangling. Is it a loose end? Yeah, probably. But it’s probably what sends you to the pub after the movie and has you arguing with your friends as to what you think it might mean.

I can definitely tell you that if a lot of people go to see this movie and there is a critical sense of people wanting there to be another one, the second movie would clearly answer the question of “what did we do to deserve this?”

If there was a sequel to Prometheus it wouldn’t be Alien. Because it’s moving off in it’s own direction.”

Trust me, Damon. Enough people are going to want to know.

Last Updated: June 6, 2012

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