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David Ayer says he turned down the chance to direct Suicide Squad sequel

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Suicide Squad will get a new lease of life when Guardians of the Galaxy director/writer James Gunn gets his hands on it. His film about a bunch of space anti-hero misfits featured the perfect amount of characterization and humour that would suit that team of super-villains perfectly. It’s a directorial decision that makes perfect sense and has restored the faith people have of that franchise.

Even though Gunn is the perfect choice for directing that movie, he wasn’t the first choice of director for the sequel. Original director David Ayer revealed news in a recent interview with /Film that he was offered the chair for Suicide Squad 2, but ultimately turned it down:

I had a chance to do it, but I went another way.

Given that the eventual Suicide Squad film we got in theatres was not Ayer’s original vision but a heavily edited and influenced one by the studio, it’s no surprise that Ayer wasn’t interested in making another film. What exactly was the direction that he wanted to go in? Well, apart from a Dirty Dozen movie that the directing is helming, there is the obvious Bright franchise that the director created for Netflix and with that first film proving to be a success for the streaming service, he is committed to making a sequel.

A sequel that we have heard little about thanks to Will Smith’s popularity and busy schedule at the moment, meaning that any production on the film will only likely start towards the end of this year. Ayer is still committed to this project though as he revealed in the same interview that he is working on the sequel which he wants to use to explore the exciting world that the first film teased at. Something which if he can deliver on, will be quite a feat.

Last Updated: January 9, 2020

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