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Dax Shepard to make a CHiPs movie for Warner Bros; Michael Pena to co-star

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Hmmmmm… chips…. Sorry, I haven’t eaten yet. I’m just a bit hungry and not suddenly craving after the popular TV series from the late 70’s/early 80’s that had Larry Wilcox and Eric Estrada turn Ray-Ban sunglasses and tight khaki uniforms into a national craze. However, if you are craving some CHiPs (that’s the show, not the potato snack), then you’re in luck as Warner Bros’ proposed feature film reboot is finally revving up.


Deadline are reporting that WB have tapped funnyman Dax Shepard to write, direct and star in movie adaptation of the adventures of a pair of motorcycle police officers in the California Highway Patrol. Shepard will be taking on Wilcox’s role as by the book Officer Jon Baker, while Michael Pena will play Officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello, the rambunctious character made famous by Estrada. It’s unclear whether the character of Sergeant Joseph Getraer (played by Robert Pine in the original), who was Baker and Ponch’s gruff and fatherly commanding officer, will be included in this new version.

Unlike other more recent movie remakes of classic TV series like 21 Jump Street, Starsky and Hutch and The Dukes of Hazard, this new version of CHiPs will not be an ironic comedy, slyly poking fun at the original. Instead, despite Shepard primarily being known for his comedic efforts, WB want this to be much more serious and action focused, saying it’s more “in the tone of Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon than a comedy.”

The report also goes on to say that Shepard, who is a professional race car driver and motorcycle rider is expected to be performing his own riding and stunts. This will be Shepard’s sophomore turn behind the camera, having most recently directed and starred in 2012 action-comedy Hit and Run with his wife Kristen Bell. That movie, which showcased his race driving skills, was an indie hit commercially, despite not being much of a hit with critics, myself included.

Last Updated: September 3, 2014

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