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DC FanDome: A live-action Static Shock movie is in development

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Amidst all the big blockbuster news that came out of DC FanDome this weekend (which easily put Comic-Con@Home to shame), there was actually a wealth of other exciting comic books new that may have been lost in the shuffle. One such piece of surprising news was that a live-action Static Shock movie is in development from filmmaker Reginald Hudlin.

Hudlin broke the news in a surprise DC Comics panel with comic creators Deny Cowan, Phil LaMarr, and Jim Lee that announced the return of the iconic Milestone imprint. When Hudlin – who broke out with the cult classic movie Block Party and also has an acclaimed run on comics like Black Panther – was asked about plans to bring Milestone to the big screen, he responded to say that “We’re in serious conversations about developing a Static Shock movie” and that “What we’re talking about is unbelievable.” It sounds like it’s still very early days, so there were no further details

However, continuing further , Hudlin appeared to hint this is just the first efforts from Milestone Comics – which was formed 1993 by several Africa-American comic book creates to address the lack of representation in the industry – to create a bigger universe including new comic books, movies and other material.

We’re also talking to all the other divisions of Warner Bros. For example, the animation department makes those amazing animated films for home entertainment. We’re talking about doing one of those feature films starring the Milestone characters. We’re also looking at new media like podcasts, and doing a series that will be available as podcasts. We will deliver Milestone Media wherever you are and whatever platform you want.

Based on the exciting comic series from Milestone Comics, Static Shock follows the story of Virgil Ovid Hawkins who mutates into a metahuman following a chemical container explosion that exposes him to radioactive material. These new powers give Hawkins the ability to engineer, absorb, and administer electricity and electromagnetism, which he uses to combat crime in his home city. Along the way, he is joined by his highly intelligent friend Rick Stone, who partners with him on his crime-fighting pursuits.

Static’s original comics ran for 45 issues and were later compiled in a graphic novel and a miniseries. The comics were adapted into an animated series by Warner Bros though earlier efforts to adapt into an animated movie were abandoned by the studio. By making a live-action movie though, Milestone and Hudlin are hoping to move the character and comic label into the big time.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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