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Did these new STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS images just reveal that Benediction Cumberbatch is Khan?

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So for the past few months we’ve been playing the “Is he or isn’t he?” game as we try to figure out the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch’s villain in JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek sequel. Initial reports were all emphatic that he would be playing classic villain and Male Chest Waxing champion 1962 – 1969, Khan Noonien Singh. But then they said he wasn’t. Then he was. Then he wasn’t. Until eventually it was revealed that his name would in fact be John Harrison.

But if these pics from Entertainment Weekly are to be believed, that may just be some JJ trickery.
EW had an exclusive insider look at the film and was able to score a number of new images to be used in the cover story of their latest issue. And while the pics themselves are pretty innocent, it’s the headline accompanying that issue’s blurb on their website ( via CBM) that’s drawing the attention.

Now, yes, it could just be that some over eager intern has bought into all the rumours and just made a boo boo (which will probably be followed by his superiors boo boo-ing all over his mistaken head). But you would think that some editor somewhere would look up from his game of solitaire long enough to realize that they just made a mistake.

Unless this “inside look” resulted in them knowing something we don’t and then accidentally revealing it to the world. Either way, JJ Abrams is going to be pissed. That shaven Groucho Marx lookalike doesn’t like to share his secrets!

Here are the rest of the pics that EW has released, all of which tell us a whole lot of nothing new, except that Zoe Saldana looks good in red.


Star Trek Into Darkness hits theatres on May 15, 2013, and then all the secrets will be revealed. Or not, I mean Damon Lindelof is writing it.

Last Updated: February 8, 2013

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