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Die Antwoord are going to pop up in Neil Blomkamps sci-fi comedy CHAPPIE

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So after a solid debut with District 9 (BLERRY PRAWNS!), and some big buzz building up for Elysium, what’s next for Neil Blomkamp? It looks like the director isn’t straying too far from his sci-fi genre, but he will be taking a more comedic route for Chappie.

Blomkamp has kept dead quiet as usual on just what the film is about, but one thing is for certain: The movie iwll have answers. Or Die Antwoord, to be vaguely specific ‘in the vernacular.

The now internationally famous rap-rave-skrillex-pop-punk-I give up band will appear in the films as themselves, because they’re pretty much treading a fine line between reality and fiction right now as it is. Die Burger says that Yolande Visser and Ninja will join Blomkamp on the set when Chappie starts principal photography in September in Johannesburg.

It’s going to be a new direction for Blomkamp, as the only description for the film so far is that it will be a comedy about a “really ridiculous robot,”. Somehow, I don’t think that it can be ridiculous enough if it has to stand next to the duo from Die Antwoord.

Strangely enough, as io9 pointed out because listening to their music makes me bleed from several orifices, Visser has known about this project for a while. Hell, she sang about in the “Baby’s on fire” music video, which included an autographed picture of the director.




Last Updated: April 29, 2013

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