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Divergent star goes underground in new Underworld movie

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Lakeshore Entertainment has tapped Theo James, who most recently starred in Divergent (a movie that received mixed reviews from critics and was given a 2.5 by our very own Kervyn Cloete) to lead the fifth and as yet unnamed Underworld movie. Surprisingly, original franchise star Kate Beckinsale, will not be returning. Not sure how I feel about that, as we need a hot woman in black leather to attract a, um, certain crowd…

While James has really only garnered attention recently with his appearance in Divergent as ‘get my top off and show my six-pack’‘ Four – a role he will reprise in the next two movies in the series, titled Allegiant and Insurgent, which will hopefully offer us something with more depth and less generic – he actually appeared in the Underworld Awakening as the vampire David, a sort-of sidekick to Beckinsale’s Selene, who was given the blood of Alexander Corvinus, the progenitor of both the vampire and lycan lines. The pair was last seen rescuing Eve, Selene’s superpowered half-vampire, half-lycan daughter, before setting out to find Eve’s father and the original hybrid, Michael.

Seeing as how Underworld Awakening ended with Selene vowing to never give up looking for Michael, the fact that David is on his own now indicates quite a change of direction for the story.

As Kate Beckinsale won’t be appearing, who would you choose as your hot-in-black-leather leading lady? I’d like to go with Scarlett Johansson but she already has that gig covered… Sigh.

Last Updated: September 12, 2014

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