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DJ Caruso is going to make you experience some Invertigo

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Despite having a much bigger resume than most are aware of, music video turned feature film director DJ Caruso has pretty much made his name on showing us Shia Lebeouf running away from stuff. His last effort sans Shia, I Am Number Four, saw him trying to flex some different directorial muscles in the realm of science fiction, and despite it having some surprisingly great action sequences it only did middling work at the box office.

But that’s not deterring Caruso as he is once again going to try his hand at some bid budget science fiction, this time with the gravity defying Invertigo.

The film deals with a NASA satellite crash landing in the middle of New York, and somehow [WARNING: KOOKY MOVIE SCIENCE ALERT!] creating a “reverse-G vortex” resulting in local gravity being reversed. A rescue mission is mounted in the hopes of stopping the spread of the effect before it endangers the entire planet.

So basically Armageddon but with gravity instead of meteorites, and even less scientific logic then? Gotcha.

The script was written for Sony by Transformers: Dark of the Moon scribe, Ehren Kruger, which certainly explains the silly name. Based on their mutual love of the athletic exploits of Shia Lebouf, I’m pretty sure that Caruso and Kruger will get on swimmingly.

Due to the big budget nature of the film, a lot of prep work is apparently required which means that it will more than likely only go into production in early 2013.

Caruso has just wrapped production on Goat Island, his written and directed adaptation of Brock Cole’s young adult novel The Goats, and he has also been attached as director for the proposed adaptation of Garth Ennis’ highly controversial Preacher graphic novels. I have to admit, that last part is a complete WTF, as I couldn’t really think of a bigger mismatch of directorial style and subject matter.

Last Updated: March 29, 2012

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