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DOCTOR STRANGE casts a spell to recruit a Sinister director

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By the hoary eye of Agamotto and the Krazy Kombat skills of Kervyn, I demand that the ether be parted and mists of time reveal who will direct Doctor Strange! Despite my incantations being as valid or useful as a Ouija board, that bit of information has gone public. The master of the mystic arts is headed for the big screen, and it’ll be Scott “Sinister” Derrickson who will cast his directing powers on the project.  

Derrickson brings enough experience to the table for this kind of project. He has dabbled in the supernatural before with the aforementioned Sinister , The Exorcism of Emily Rose and the upcoming action-heavy flick Deliver Us From Evil, while having a moderate success with the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, a special effects-heavy film. According to Variety, Derrickson’s deal isn’t set in stone yet, but the director seems plenty confident about it:

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has long been attempting to bring the sorcerer supreme to the big screen, with Strange finally getting an actual mention in Captain America: The Winter Soldier this year. The mighty master of the mystic arts, Dr Stephen Strange is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel library, and belongs to a supernatural side of that universe that is rarely explored, unless it involves Nicolas Cage going completely ape-crap crazy.

But it’s a side of the Marvel cinematic universe that can easily fit in with the rest of the films so far. Thor has managed to make the cosmic side of those films grounded in pseudo-science, while previous discussions as to how to make Strange’s powers work in our reality have bordered on quantum science. As for a release date, Marvel has two possible  dates staked out already for phase 3 movies: May 6 2016, and May 5 2017. I’d put money on the 2017 one personally.

Last Updated: June 4, 2014

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  1. Excellent choice. Now just cast Viggo Mortensen or Aiden Gillen in the lead, and I can totally forgive the guys at Marvel for chasing Edgar Wright off Ant-Man.


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