Early buzz from The Avengers Hollywood premier says movie is great fun, Hulk is incredible, 3D is meh!

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Last night saw the Hollywood premier of Marvel’s The Avengers, and while those lucky few in attendance have been placed under strict embargo until 2 May preventing them from posting long-form reviews, there is nothing stopping them from taking to social network Twitter, and briefly tweeting initial reactions.

Slashfilm has been so kind as to round up tweets from all the journalists and geek celebrities that were in attendance, which you can you now peruse over here, and thus far the buzz is looking pretty damn great!

So these seem to be the key-points coming through from most people:

  • Whedon’s movie is amazingly fun but not perfect, as it has some flaws in the first 2 acts but nothing that’s a deal breaker
  • The Hulk is ridiculously awesome!
  • The 3rd act is a romp’ em stomp ’em battle to end all battles
  • The Hulk smashes everything!
  • The classic Whedon humour is ever-present
  • The Hulk rules everything/everybody in this movie!
  • The 3D is once again – like most films these days – completely useless and tacked on
  • Wait till you see the Hulk!

Damn it, these next few weeks better fly by real fast!

Last Updated: April 12, 2012

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