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I honestly don’t care if you’re Muhammed I’m ‘ard Bruce Lee, because no one can watch The Human Centipede films and not walk away from them mentally scarred. Haven’t seen ’em? Well here’s a brief synopsis: A mad scientist creates a human centipede  that consists of people being sewed butt to mouth to each other. The first film had a human centipede that consisted of three people. The second, upped the ass ante with then unlucky people forming that fecal creature.

And now, Eric Roberts is going to join the third film, which is warping in at ludicrous speed for its final sequence.

human centipede (2)

EW confirmed this week that Roberts will be joining the Tom Six directed film, alongside Dieter Laser, Laurence Harvey, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Robert LaSardo and Bree Olson. I’ve always dug Roberts as an acotr, far more than his sister Julia at least, but man, the guy makes more baffling acting decisions than Christopher Walken some days.

One moment he’ll be starring blockbuster fare like the Dark Knight Rises and The Expendables, and a year later he’ll be seen in direct to DVD monster movies. As for Human Centipede 3, it’s unclear what his role will be, but it looks like this film is going all out by creating a creature that is 500 prison inmates long.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.



Last Updated: May 30, 2013

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