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The first official poster for EVIL DEAD makes a urine-enducing claim

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We’ve had a lot to say about the Evil Dead remake over the last few months and since the release of a red band trailer earlier the month, a state of curious optimism has been declared, which is definitely an upgrade from DEFCON 5, which was initiated when they announced that Ash would be a girl. So, are you curious to see the first official poster?

Very interesting. At first I felt  it is quite lazy, but I feel they might just have cheated the poster gods quite efficiently…this time. The girl in the background is definitely not having a good time at all, but the main feature of the poster is obviously the extremely bold claim being made, calling Evil Dead “the most terrifying film you will ever experience”.

You know what? I have a slight suspicion that they aren’t making that claim lightly. The red band trailer didn’t seem particularly terrifying – we all know that gore does not equal scares, but the film might just have a few pants-ruining scenes up its sleeve that they aren’t spoiling in the trailers. I hope so!

Evil Dead will be clefting our tongues in twixt on 12 April, 2013. Am I the only one hoping they manage to introduce Bruce Campbell’s chin as a cameo murder weapon? All I know is, cinema’s better be prepared – urine will be flowing freely.

Last Updated: November 21, 2012

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