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Extraction director Sam Hargraves will be crafting the ass-kicking action sequences of The Mandalorian season 2

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Its first season may have been a little uneven for some fans, but there is no denying that The Mandalorian was a massive hit for Disney+ and the Star Wars franchise, thanks to some fantastic world-building and the debut of Baby Yoda. Perhaps the best thing about the whole show was its remarkable production design and visual effects which took fans straight back into the world of Star Wars without sacrificing any of the stunning production values we’ve come to expect from the franchise on the big screen.

Needless to say, fans are hyped for season 2 which hopes to finally build on some of that promise and construct an even greater story on top of its remarkable characters and setting. Do you know what else fans can expect from season 2 though? Better action sequences. Following his work as a stunt coordinator on many big action films, including several Marvel ones, Sam Hargraves proved his ability to craft incredible action in directing Netflix’s Extraction when it launched earlier this year. That film easily features some of the best fight sequences we have seen in the past year and it now looks like Hargraves is going to bring those skills to The Mandalorian.

In an interview with Collider, Hargraves revealed how he got involved with the show and intends to take the action sequences up to a whole new level in season 2:

They actually came to me. It’s crazy. I was in the middle of post [-production on Extraction] and I’m editing my movie and I got a call from my buddy Colin Wilson, one of the line producers, who said, ‘Jon [Favreau] and the people over here are looking for someone to bring into the team or add to the family who has experience with action.’ The team that was there did a great job in the first season and it was just all fun. But they wanted to build on that and bring a new perspective and take it to another level for the next season. So, I was like, ‘That sounds like a fun challenge.

Not that The Mandalorian already didn’t have some big explosive moments, but knowing what Hargraves is capable of certainly adds to the hype for the show’s second season. He may have only directed one movie, but his reputation for crafting kinetic showdowns speaks for itself and if the thrill ride he has put audiences on as of late is anything to go by, The Mandolorian could feature some breath-taking action which will be a welcome deviation from some of the slower paced storytelling beats.

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

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