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Extras! – 14 February 2014

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!


Extras-bullet-points-micro3Finally…The Rock has come back to television! Dwayne Johnson may be the most successful WWE performer to hit the big screen of all time, but it looks like he isn’t done with the small flatscreen yet. Johnson will headline a new TV comedy drama, that revolves around the lives of former and current football players that goes by then name of Ballers.

Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg will executive produce the series.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Retro poster of the day


Extras-bullet-points-micro3Hey browncoats! I’mma let you enjoy your Valentines Day, but first I wanna say that your first love, Firefly, is dead. For all time! Or is it? Joss Whedon may be done with the show, but writer producer Tim Minear isn’t.

Minear is teasing a series return, but in a more limited format such as what the BBC does with Sherlock. As he explained to EW:

I would never foreclose the possibility. The fact that it was even a feature film after it spectacularly failed on Fox was a miracle. And of course it lives on in other forms. In terms of getting the band back together to make a new adventure, who knows? I would love it. It would be great. But first everybody has their respective projects that limits them from crossing over into other things. It’s just trying to coordinate everybody’s obligations so they could somehow participate.

Somebody call Netflix. They’d agree to this easily, as they actually dig producing content that people want to see.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Ladies, stop staring at Magneto’s Fass…bender. Screw it, it;s Friday and that’s the best X-Men: Days of Future Past joke that I can spin right now.


Extras-bullet-points-micro3The Lego Movie is currently charming the pants off of everyone who has seen it. And you know what? The Lego Movie blooper reel might just give Smokey and the Bandit part 2 a run for its money as the best bit of flubbed lines and missed cues, ever:

Extras-bullet-points-micro3That Sacha Baron Cohen, he is funny yes? While the UK performer won’t be covering Freddie Mercury, he will be popping up in Grimsby. To be directed by Louis “Now you see me” Leterrier, Deadline describes the movie as “a British black-ops spy who is forced to go on the run with his long-lost brother, an idiotic English soccer hooligan, with Cohen playing the latter.”

It’ll be just one of many, many movies arriving in 2015, July 31st to be exact.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3Because I demanded it, and because I want to create plastic romance between Rocket Racoon and Gamora, here’s your first look at the action figures for Guardians of the Galaxy.


Hmmm, smells like mint on card.

Extras-bullet-points-micro3By now, all your Facebook pals have probably pestered you with those annoying videos of themselves. Mostly baby photos and lolcat images, they all suck. Unless you’re Darth Vader that is, who has had one hell of a year choking admirals and beating up his own son.


Last Updated: February 14, 2014

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