Home Entertainment Extras! 1952 plot details revealed, Batman gets blocked, Jack prefers slaying to killing, Logan style, Alex gets Double Crossed, Iron Man needs to be liked, Ghostbusters 3 could shoot mid-2013 and Bill Murray is the ultimate troll! Plus much more!

Extras! 1952 plot details revealed, Batman gets blocked, Jack prefers slaying to killing, Logan style, Alex gets Double Crossed, Iron Man needs to be liked, Ghostbusters 3 could shoot mid-2013 and Bill Murray is the ultimate troll! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We get proceedings underway today with this hilarious new trailer for the new LEGO Batman – The Movie: DC Superheroes Unite animated movie based on the popular Lego videogame. If you’ve already played the game, there won’t be much new material to see here, as the movie is essentially just all the cutscenes from the game spliced together with some extra scenes so that it all makes sense. For those of you who haven’t, this should be a treat.

This is… erm… unexpected. The US military will be unveiling a brand new stealth fighter jet, named the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. In Man of Steel. Yes, that’s right, Zack Snyder’s movie about a flying alien in blue pyjamas will be used to debut the product of a $1.5 trillion weapons project; the most expensive in history.

The F-35 was actually already seen on screen earlier this year in Marvel’s The Avengers, but those were all CGI rendered, whereas this will be the real thing. Marvel:0, DC:1.

Today’s bit of awesomeness is brought to you courtesy of Bill Murray. Actress Kelly Lynch spoke to the AV Club about her career and eventually the talk turned to her role in 1989 Patrick Swayze cult classic Road House, which prompted Lynch to share a story about Murray. How is Murray related to Kelly Lynch and Road House? Well, he isn’t, but he and his brothers, Brian Doyle-Murray and Joel Murray know Lynch’s husband, director Mitch Glazer, from the movie Scrooged, and… well, I’ll let Mrs Lynch tell it:

“By the way, speaking of Bill Murray, every time Road House is on and he or one of his idiot brothers are watching TV—and they’re always watching TV— one of them calls my husband [director Mitch Glazer] and says, “Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now. They’re doing it. He’s throwing her against the rocks.” [Away from the receiver.] What? Oh, my God. Mitch was just walking out the door to the set, and he said that Bill once called him from Russia!

God help me when AMC’s doing their Road House marathon, because I know the phone is just going to keep ringing. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 or 3 in morning. ‘Hi, Kelly’s having sex with Patrick Swayze right now…'”

Oh, Bill Murray, you are my hero.

I miss the good old days. You know when film trailers would just be released without me having to work for it. If you want to see the first teaser trailer for Iron Man 3, then you have to head over to the Iron Man 3 Facebook page and ‘Like’ it. Once enough ‘Likes’ have been received, the teaser will be revealed. Last I checked, it was only sitting on 23% of the required ‘Likes’.

Yeah, that’s not an annoying marketing tactic at all.

Speaking of Iron Man 3, here’s the new promo poster for Iron Man 3, showing off the new Mark XLVII Extremis armour. And I know that it’s only a drawing, but that pic does convince me that that new colour scheme won’t be as fugly when seen in action.

We’ve finally got some details on 1952, the secretive sci-fi project from director Brad Bird (Incredibles, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol) and writer Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus). According to Vulture, “Bird and Lindelof want to recapture the spirit of 1977’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, right down to centering it around a man in his late forties, à la Richard Dreyfuss’s Roy Neary.” Hey, I really really love Close Encounters, so sign me up.

What’s even more interesting though, the origin of the title. While many felt thought it was have to do with the 1952 “Washington Flap” UFO incident (and it very well still might, at that), the title came from a much cooler source:

When Lindelof had a meeting to discuss the project with Disney’s head of production, Sean Bailey, the Disney exec arranged for Lindelof to be given access to one of the studio’s odder curiosities: a banker’s box of files and documents that had been left moldering in Walt Disney’s personal development lab, WED Enterprises, which later became the studio’s vaunted Imagineering department. The box was originally labeled with the title of the studio’s 1965 comedy That Darn Cat!, which had been crossed out and in its place was written ‘1952.’ Inside was a random-at-first-glance collection of documents and primary source materials that, when looked at all together, indicated that someone had been working on a project (movie? theme park ride?) about alien contact.

According to Vulture, that box will also be used in the marketing for the film, as a sort of treasure hunt will be used as an initial ad campaign, even before shooting on the film begins.

The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer and frequent Chris Nolan collaborator Wally Pfister thought The Avengers was “appalling”. Well, at least the way cinematographer Seamus McGarvey shot the blockbuster.

“They’d shoot from some odd angle and I’d think, why is the camera there? Oh, I see, because they spent half a million on the set and they have to show it off. It took me completely out of the movie. I was driven bonkers by that illogical form of storytelling.”

Here’s a new clip from steampunk kung fu movie Tai Chi Zero. The clip may be light on the kung fu, but it’s definitely heavy on the steampunk, and gives a taste of some of the crazy visuals and designs on display.

If Chris Nolan’s Inception left you with a hankering for more movies that take place inside people’s head, then Mindscape may just be the movie for you. Starring Mark Strong, Brian Cox and Taissa Farmiga it will deal with a man who can enter people’s memories, and who takes on the case of a girl to discover is she is a sociopath or a troubled teen.

Alex Cross hasn’t even opened in theatres yet (I’ll be checking out the press screening tonight, so expect a review soon) but a sequel has already been announced. Double Cross, the 13th book in the series from author James Patterson, will see the literary hero (now played on screen by Tyler Perry) on the trail of a serial killer in Washington, DC who prefers all his killings to be as public as possible.

I’m just excited to see the poster for this one, to see if they will actually be able to top the brain tumour inducing badness of “You don’t cross Alex Cross”.

Indie filmmaking supremo and rising Hollywood starlet Brit Marling (Another Earth, Sound of My Voice) will be teaming up with ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Jack Huston (the disfigured Richard Harrow) in dramedy Posthumous. The film will be the debut of writer/director and possessor of a porn star name, Lulu Wang, and will deal with “a struggling artist (Huston) whose artwork skyrockets in value when he is mistakenly thought to have killed himself. The artist decides to keep up the charade by pretending to be his own brother, but the entire plan is put in jeopardy when he befriends an enthusiastic reporter (Marling) who begins to show him the real value of life and art.”

My favourite indie filmmaker teaming up with my favourite character on one of my favourite shows? You’ve been snooping around in my brain again, Hollywood!

I’m guessing that most of you, like me, don’t watch too many Indian films. But after checking out this absolutely insane looking trailer for Indian action film Alex Pandian, you may just want to remedy that soon. The film is a remake of another Tamil movie, Moondru Mugam, whose plot details are so mental that I’d rather link to them than write them here for fear of you guys questioning my journalistic integrity.

Bryan Singer’s Jack The Giant Killer is being retitled and rescheduled. The fantasy adventure will now be called Jack the Giant Slayer and will be released on March 1, 2013 instead of March 22, 2013.

Deadline are reporting that Ghostbusters 3 will begin shooting by mid-2013 with director Ivan Reitman once again behind the camera. However, since this hasn’t been confirmed anywhere else, and this production has already generated more rumours than Darryn’s sexual persuasion (it’s furry, by the way), I wouldn’t put this one down as fact quite yet.

Just as predicted, Warner Bros has picked up Stephan Zlotescu’s visually impressive sci-fi short, True Skinto be developed as a full length feature film. Zlotescu will stay on to direct the futuristic body modification film. And if you need a refresher on the film, then just head over here.

And simply for no other reason than we can, we will end today on this video of Hugh Jackman and Korean superstar Psy on the set of The Wolverine, dancing along to Psy’s mega-smash hit, Gangnam Style. You may thank/curse me later.

Last Updated: October 18, 2012

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