Home Entertainment Extras! A white guy talks like Morgan Freeman, Why John Carter is dedicated to Steve Jobs, Benedict Cumberbatch rumoured to join Dr Who, MIB3 all Will Smith's idea and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog crashes the Golden Collar Awards. Plus much more!

Extras! A white guy talks like Morgan Freeman, Why John Carter is dedicated to Steve Jobs, Benedict Cumberbatch rumoured to join Dr Who, MIB3 all Will Smith's idea and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog crashes the Golden Collar Awards. Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

I would like to add some really witty message here, but there just isn’t all that much to add when a clip is as impressive as this. Youtube user ImpoverishActing gives us one of the best damn Morgan Freeman impersonations I’ve ever come across. That he’s a doughy faced white boy certainly adds to that impressiveness.

Be sure to also check out his other video, where he does an incredible Alan Alda, Michael Caine and James Earl Jones.

A new motion poster for The Three Stooges has been revealed over on their Facebook page. Well, they call it a motion poster. I call it just more evidence about how utterly dumb this film looks.

For those lucky enough to have seen John Carter, they may have noticed an interesting addition to the credits. Namely, a dedication to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away last year. Now director Andrew Stanton, who made his name at Pixar – the company that Jobs built up to what it is today – reveals why it was included;

We just happened to be, sadly, the first production up that was Disney that wanted to give [a dedication]. And I personally wanted to. I talked to John [Lassater] about it because I didn’t want to steal any thunder from Pixar’s dedication because that’s really the real family member for Steve. But it felt right just cause I didn’t want too much time to pass without giving him some sort of permanent acknowledgement. And I talked to his wife.

It was kind of eerie because on the set I would get asked all the time, from all these people, ‘What Pixar was like?’ And it was fascinating to talk to all these movie people that knew all the films, but some of them didn’t even know Pixar was in San Francisco. It was funny. They knew of us, they knew of these movies and knew there was something different but they didn’t get it to the point [where they knew] where we were and stuff. And it would be such a long explanation to them about, trying to tell them why it ran differently and why the movie came out the way they did, that I ended up just simplifying my answer down to ‘Steve. Steve’s why.’

And I did really realize how much, because I was now living it. I was now pregnant with the dysfunction of Hollywood to make this movie and how this all works, the good and the bad, and it was amazing to see how much he had firewalled us from. Like we knew he had, but he had truly firewalled us and protected us from all the bad influences of the outside world and we had just been raised in this little eden in San Francisco and had no clue how bad it could be. And so I really have to give so much more credit to him than I ever was, even though I always was, of how much he was a major factor for Pixar.

You could say that I kind of enjoyed Hugo, and if there was one aspect of it in particular that wowed me, it was director Martin Scorsese’s amazing use of 3D – a technology that I have historically had about as much love for as I do for venereal diseases. Now you can watch Scorsese and his cast talk about the advantages of shooting in the 3rd dimension:


CinemaBlend has a list of the 5 Worst Moments at the 2012 Oscars. What, only 5? Do they know that they’re writing an internet blog and not sending a telegram where they get charged by the letter?

It seems that everybody must only have one hand to count on though, as here’s Playlist’s 5 Suggestions How To Make Next Year’s Oscars Better.

Oh, still my geeky heart.  Rumours abound that Benedict Cumberbatch, fresh from fighting Zachary Quinto in JJ Abram’s Star Trek, may be showing up in (the greatest science fiction show the world has ever seen) Doctor Who, as the latest incarnation of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis, the Master. Cumberbatch is of course most famously known for playing the lead role in Sherlock, which is also helmed by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

Well, if Men In Black 3 turns out to be stinkier than a homeless person aerobics class, at least we’ll know who to blame. Director Barry Sonnenfeld spoke to UK entertainment mag, ContactMusic, where he revealed that it was all Will Smith’s idea:

”Will calls me Baz.  When we were shooting ‘Men In Black II’ [in 2002], one night he said ‘Hey Baz, I think I have an idea for number three’. The basic idea was that Will’s character, Agent J, would have to go back into the past to save his partner. It allowed the movie to take place in another era, and us to learn more about Tommy Lee Jones’ character. But it turned out to be a very long process of development, mainly because of the knotting issues of time travel, the time travel thing was really hard.”

Alarmingly, he also revealed that they started filming the movie before they had even written the third and final act of the script. Yep, I can just about start to smell that boxed-wine infused perspiration.

And we end off today with a segment from the Conan O’brien show, featuring the funniest canine to ever have a man’s hand up his butt, Triumph the Insult Comic dog, as he crashes the Golden Collar Awards. And for those of you wondering what the Golden Collar awards are, it’s a ceremony where Hollywood honours the best performances by dogs in film and television. Seriously. Go get ’em, Triumph!

And that’s all she wrote, fellow film lovers. I’m out of here to start practicing my own impersonations of famous black people, starting with Sammy Davis Jr. According to Billy Crystal and this past weekend’s Oscars, all I need to do is smear my face with caramel and talk through my nose! Awesome!

Last Updated: February 29, 2012

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