Home Entertainment Extras! Abraham Lincoln goes train-surfing, Movie mimicking, Avengers break records down under, De Niro takes on bullies, 47 Ronin delayed and Disney endorses slavery and kidnapping?! Plus much more!

Extras! Abraham Lincoln goes train-surfing, Movie mimicking, Avengers break records down under, De Niro takes on bullies, 47 Ronin delayed and Disney endorses slavery and kidnapping?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with a story which I’m not sure that I should file under “cool” or “wtf”. Combining his love of travel with his love of movies, Allen Fuqua goes around finding movie locations and mimicking scenes from them.

Because that’s totally not weird at all, right?

You know, just the other day I was thinking about how Disney movies sure do suffer from a lack of slavery, poaching and just good ol’ human trafficking. Well, as it turns out, they don’t. They’ve actually been promoting those causes all along. And you can read all about it, along with more things you never realized that Disney movies were about in 1000MovieJourneys’ article on Disney’s Top 8 Worst Messages.

Following on from yesterday’s trio of pics for The Dark Knight Rises, here’s another addition, this time highlighting the Batcycle.

The Smurfs 2 have added Christina “Don’t call me Wednesday” Ricci to the cast. Hopefully they can also add some proper humour this time around.

Despite all the tantrums I throw about the situation, the film intro title sequence is quickly going the way of the dodo, with a just a small percentage of the industry still really doing them. Yesterday was the 16 year anniversary of the death of one the techniques true champions, and in honour of him Playlist has compiled a list of 10 of Saul Bass’ Greatest Title Sequences.

While I may not share the same levels of enthusiasm as Darryn does for Timur Bekmembatov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, there’s simply no getting around the fact that the latest poster for the crazy Nosferatu period piece is a scientific study in badass. 

Man, those pesky undead train surfers are about to have a really bad day. You know, besides for the fact that they’re already undead.

Being a big and burly, bearded man that knows jiu jitsu, bullying was never really a problem for me (yes, I’ve sported facial hair and known martial arts since I was four), but I completely sympathize with all you lesser  mortals. Like Topher Grace, who recently went back to his home town to film The Wedding and ran into his old high school nemesis. Luckily for him, he had co-star Robert De Niro with him, as he revealed on American talk show, Anderson:

“I bumped into someone – no names mentioned, but you know who you are – who was like a real bully to me at high school… It was the reason you wanna go into being an actor, go back and be like, ‘Hey, do you know Robert De NiroKatherine Heigl?’ It was great. I was a real jerk.

“(De Niro) had said, ‘Call me Bob’, which I had real trouble with because he’s such a fantastic actor but when I saw my childhood bully I was able to say, ‘Hey, do you know Bob?'”

I’m imagining (and hoping) that at this point, Bob asked the bully who he was looking at.

Here’s our first look at Ang Lee’s Life of Pi, which as I’ve just learned much to my dismay, has nothing to do with roasted pecans in perfectly crumbly crust. It does however have to do with a guy on a boat with a tiger. Apparently.

Keanu Reeves’ samurai epic, 47 Ronin, has been pushed back from November of this year to 8 February 2013. Reports say that a “tense, combative shoot” is to blame. Sounds like another way of saying “Holy crud, Keanu’s acting is more wooden than 2×4 in a toupee. We’re gonna need Avatar‘s CGI budget to get people to believe he is a samurai named Kai.”

For those of our lucky readers over in Obama-Land, IMAX will be handing out special Avengers posters to people attending the midnight screenings. Us Saffers will be have to be content with just printing out this A4 sized version. Careful to not stain it with all your tears.

This may be greeted with a resounding a “Duh” but it’s nice to have it official: James Bond will be returning for a 24th outing in 2014. Thus far there are no further details, but it’s pretty guaranteed that he will be kicking heiny and drinking Heineken. Not necessarily in that order.

The Avengers opened at midnight last night around the world (except in the US, na na nanaah na!) and it’s already racking up the box-office monies. Down in Every-Animal-And-Plant-Can-Kill-You-Land aka Australia, Marvel’s mega superhero film scored the second biggest opening ever behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2. It did score the biggest opening ever by a Marvel or Disney movie though.

You just got to love people with too much free time on their hands. Without them we would never get to see such completely trivial but utterly amazing things such as a Synchronized Collage of Every Single Zoom in The Shining:

Or maybe All 56 episodes the first 2 seasons of the Star Trek: Original Series all at once:

Or a fake trailer for an Avengers movie circa 1978, made by combining footage from old movies and TV series like The Return of Incredible Hulk and M.A.S.H. create :

Bravo surprisingly-talented internet slackers! You have outdone yourselves today!

And that’s it from me today. Now if you’ll excuse me, I shall proceed to type all in caps, because THERE ARE ONLY 4 HOURS LEFT UNTIL I WATCH THE AVENGERS AND JOSS WHEDON HULK SMASHES MY FANBOY BRAIN SO HARD THAT IT LEAKS OUT OF MY CROTCH!

Last Updated: April 26, 2012

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