Home Entertainment Extras! Danny Boyle is spotting trains again, Nic Cage is done setting his head on fire, Kevin Smith starts writing Clerks III, Sam Raimi's not visiting Oz again, Liam Neeson runs with Robocop and How to be like Daniel Radcliffe? Plus much more!

Extras! Danny Boyle is spotting trains again, Nic Cage is done setting his head on fire, Kevin Smith starts writing Clerks III, Sam Raimi's not visiting Oz again, Liam Neeson runs with Robocop and How to be like Daniel Radcliffe? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with some Star Trek action. Literally. An action packed new trailer for Star Trek into Darkness dropped over the weekend, so set you phasers to “OMG! Holy Crapballs!” (which is totally a setting, I promise) and check it out below.

Did they just fire Kirk out of a giant space gun? Phwoar!

Let’s not beat around the burning bush here: We thought that Ghost Rider 2 sucked, with it’s predecessor only exhibiting moderately less suckage. Unfortunately, much like violent car crash, a whole lot of people stopped to have a look, making GR2 about $130 million off a budget of just $47 million, meaning of course that we should expect the sequel news any time now. Just don’t expect star Nicolas Cage’s name to be anywhere in the conversation.

“It’s possible, but it won’t be with me. I’ve said what I have to say.  I don’t want to say never…anything’s possible.  But I doubt, highly, that I would be in a third installment of that.”

That may just be the best career choice that Cage has made since he decided to stop telling people that his second name is actually Kim.

Snoochie boochies, bitches! This past Saturday morning at 04:20, it finally became official: Writer/director Kevin Smith is now working on Clerks III. The news came via Smith’s FaceBook page where posted this message and image to announce it.

20 years ago today, we started shooting CLERKS.
20 years later, with no plan or provocation, I jumped out of bed at 4:20 this morning and started writing CLERKS III.
It’s been like hanging out with old friends.
And after 2 hours of tapping the keys and giggling, I have come to a conclusion…
CLERKS III will be the best film I’ll ever make.”

Thanks to Danny Boyle’s classic drug fueled black comedy, Trainspotting, I will never again have chocolate pudding for breakfast. Culinary aversions aside though, Boyle’s sophomore film was a fantastic effort and has had fans clamouring for more ever since. Well it looks like Mr Boyle has heard them, as he’s looking to make a sequel in 2016 with all the original cast back.

“This has been a long time coming.  There’s always been this long term plan for Trainspotting 2, if John [Hodge] can produce a decent enough script, I don’t think there will be any barriers to Ewan [McGregor] or any of the cast coming back.  I think they’ll wanna know that the parts are good so they don’t feel like they are letting anyone down.  The reason for doing it again is that people cherish the original, people remember it or have caught up with it if they never saw because they were younger.  So you want to make sure you don’t disappoint people.  That will be the only criteria I think.”

We mentioned Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s first tenure behind the camera this morning, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not still spending plenty of time in front of it as well. He’s currently busy shooting Robert Rodriguez’s comic noir sequel Sin City: A Dame to Kill For where he plays a character called Johnny in the arc “The Long Bad Night”, which was not in Frank Miller’s original comics but rather created specifically for the movie. And unlike what Miller did with the other story segments in this and the previous movie, he actually didn’t draw a story guideline to be used in filming, as JGL explains.

“It’s interesting. They wanted to have a movie where fans of the books would still be able to look forward to something new and unexpected, so they added a story. I remember being really intrigued by that and I was really looking forward to, ‘Oh that will be so interesting to have the actual comics to refer to as an actor’ but no I didn’t.”

“I had a ball doing that, I loved doing that. I mean, Robert Rodriguez is a guy whose movies I’ve liked for a long time and he has creativity pouring out of him… I saw Bruce (Willis) and Mickey (Rourke) and I have a scene together, and Jessica (Alba). I was so stoked.”

To paraphrase Lionel Richie, “You’re once, twice, three times a monster” thanks to this new trio of viral video clips that Disney/Pixar has released for the upcoming prequel Monster’s University.

Despite what you may think of Michael Bay’s epileptic seizure-thon Transformers series, there are some people out there who are really grateful that they got made. And by grateful, I actually mean rich, as the series made stars out of it’s young cast. While we already know that Shia LeBeouf won’t be manic running around for a fourth time, Josh Duhamel, one of the few other actors who have been in all the movies thus far, looks like he’s going to keep his streak running with Transformers 4.

“[Michael Bay] said he wants to put me in it someplace. I don’t know if he was just saying that because he had me on the phone and he felt obligated or what, but you know what? I got to do three of those. It changed my career, it changed my life getting to be a part of something that big, so I’m grateful for even doing the first three of them.”

Looks like Liam Neeson has found his running partner, he’s a kill machine. The Killing and Robocop reboot star, Joel Kinneman has joined the cast of director Jaume Collet Sera’s actioner All Nighter, formely titled Run All Night, which will see Neeson as a mob hitman who is forced to take his estranged son on the run with him as he takes on his former boss in one night. Kinneman will be playing the role of said son.

Daniel Radcliffe has it made. He’s a well spoken, well read and talented young man. Oh and he’s about as rich as Prince Harry and William combined. And now thanks to this rather How To guide, you can also be as awesome as Daniel Radcliffe as well. You can thank us later. With money.

Last week we brought you news that Disney had stared into their mouse-eared crystal ball months ago and divined that Sam Raimi’s Oz the Great and Powerful would be a success (they were right, by the way) and had already begun working on a sequel. Except, it’s going to be a sequel without Raimi at the helm, as the fan favourite director explained.

“I haven’t planned on directing the sequel. I did leave some loose ends for another director if they want to make the picture… I was attracted to this story but I don’t think the second one would have the thing I would need to get me interested.”

The moment I saw the first plot synopsis for Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion, which had Tom Cruise as a glorified janitor on a mostly destroyed Earth, I immediately thought “Hey! Live action Wall-E!”. Apparently I wasn’t alone in this, and thus we have this awesome Wall-E/Oblivion mash-up trailer.

Last Updated: March 11, 2013

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