Home Entertainment Extras! David Fincher may go 20 000 leagues down under, Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth are going to secure your cybers, Hayley Atwell to return for Captain America 2, Marc Webb is a tease and Peter Dinklage is going to be an X-Men villain?! Plus much more!

Extras! David Fincher may go 20 000 leagues down under, Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth are going to secure your cybers, Hayley Atwell to return for Captain America 2, Marc Webb is a tease and Peter Dinklage is going to be an X-Men villain?! Plus much more!

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Since the big news of the day is undoubtedly the reveal of the villain’s identity in  Fast and Furious 7, what better way to kick off today than with a new poster for the movie. We’ve already seen the one featuring Vin Diesel lounging with his car,  and now Paul Walker gets his own version of the same.

So yesterday we brought you news that Peter Dinklage has joined X-Men: Days of Future Past and most people, like me, think he is a shoe-in to play Canadian superhero Puck. But Variety begs to differ. They are reporting that the diminutive Dinklage is actually going to play the movie’s villain. What?!

Even with all my comic knowledge I can’t think of a good X-Men villain that would fit Dinklage’s physical appearance. MODOK maybe? Apocalpyse Mini-Me?

It was recently announced that Emily VanCamp had secured the female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and it’s been unofficially accepted that she would be playing Cap’s modern day love interest Sharon Carter, great grand-niece of Cap’s WWII love interest Peggy Carter (yep, Cap is hillbilly that way). Well actor Stanley Tucci, who played Dr Erskine, the creator of the super soldier formula, in the original film, has revealed that we may be seeing Peggy, played by Hayley Atwell, again. But not him though. Awkwaaaard.

“I know that Hayley is going back to do a flashback scene but I have not been asked.”

Earlier in the week we got the first trailer for Monster’s University and now we have the first clip, courtesy of star John Goodman and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

David Fincher has been working for some time to make his vision of Jules Verne’s classic tale 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea a reality, but there’s always been the rather large, green hurdle of money. He even tried to get his frequent collaborator Brad Pitt (Fight Club, Seven, Benjamin Button) involved, to entice Disney to give the OK on what will probably be a huge budget film. But now it looks he’s finally making some traction, with or without Mr Angelina Jolie, thanks to the Australian government.

Similar to the deal the Aussies did with Fox for The Wolverine, they’ve offered Disney a big tax rebate if the film gets made down under. For the The Wolverine, they offered a 30% tax incentive instead of the standard 16.5% for foreign productions, and in turn Fox employed 2000 locals in brought in about $80 million dollars into the local economy. And according to Aussie Federal Arts Minister, Simon Cream (yes, that’s really his name. No, he’s not a porn star) Fincher’s production could generate even more revenue and job creation than that.

”If it comes off [20,000 Leagues] will be a bigger production than Wolverine. In fact, it will be the biggest production ever filmed in Australia.”

The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb got all teaserific on Twitter when he tweeted the hastag #thebettertoseeyouwith and a link to a Telly video, which if you pay careful attention flashes this shot of what appears to be Spidey’s new eye-holes for his mask.

This ties in with what he said last year, when he spoke briefly about the new Spider-Man costume saying it will have “bigger eyes” and “gnarly web shooters”. Marc Webb had apparently just time travelled to the present from the set of Gleaming the Cube.

Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) has apparently lined up a new as of yet untitled thriller at Legendary Pictures, that he will direct and co-write Morgan David Foehl, the screenwriter recently tapped to bring the Mass Effect videogame to the screen. Variety reports that Mann has also secured the thunderous services of Chris Hemsworth to star. At this moment, plot details are being kept on the down low, with the only info being that the movie will somehow be related to “cyber security”.

If you already thought that Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was a waste of money *COUGH*noelle*COUGH* then boy is this going to twist your nipples. According to the clever folks over at UniverseToday, the money spent on Prometheus‘ budget would have enough to keep the search for real extra-terrestrial life going for another half a century!

Here’s the new trailer for The Host, Andrew Niccol’s adaptation of Stephanie “Twilight” Meyer’s novel. If that last part put you off, then just remember that Niccol is also the writer/director of Gattaca. Yay! Then also remember hat he also made In Time. Boo!

Original Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts was picked last year to produce the script for a Len “Total Recall” Wiseman directed reboot of The Mummy for Universal Pictures. But it looks like the studio has decided to hedge their bets a bit, as it’s been reported that they’ve approached The Hunger Games screenwriter Billy Ray (not of the Achy Breaky Heart variety) to also pen a script.

According to sources, one script will deal more with broader story strokes, while the other will focus on the character and dialogue before being thrown into a blender and mashed into one. Because obviously that sounds like an incredible filmmaking idea. Then again, it’s Len Wiseman, that’s probably how all his movies get written.

It’s no secret that I love Star Wars. Like, really love Star Wars. Clearly though, I don’t love Star Wars as much as the man in this next video, who sacrificed an entire room in his house (probably as well as his chance of ever getting laid again/for the first time) by turning his lounge into a giant diorama of the Battle of Hoth from Empire Strikes Back.

And before I get taken to task about perpetuating the virgin geek stereotype, just remember that HE TURNED A ROOM INTO HIS HOUSE INTO AN ICY BATTLEFIELD FILLED WITH ACTION FIGURES AND ROBOT CAMEL THINGS.

Last Updated: February 15, 2013

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